Newly trained police lack basic skills

The Criminal Justice Inspectorate has criticised the quality of police training after discovering that probationers lack the skills to deal with common crimes:

“Officers attending volume crime scenes are often probationer constables in their first two years of service yet inspectors were told that when probationer officers arrive at their allocated District Command Unit from police college they lacked sufficient investigatory skills to deal with the range of investigations they were expected to undertake.”

  • Yokel

    It doesnt matter if they are crap as long as the equality agenda is kept going.

  • joeCanuck

    Can’t comment of the specifics but it’s good that there is an oversight committee. Such a body usually (well, sometimes) means that improvements will occur.
    Would local contol help? (couldn’t resist throwing that in).

  • What skills are these they lack? Being drunk on the job and tampering with evidence? *chortle*

  • Dr Strangelove

    Does it point out if the inept ones are intimate with Priestcraft ?

  • merrie

    Surely most of the training they need will be on the job. What is amazing about this report is that PSNI often have only probationers attending crime scenes. Why not partner probationers with a “buddy” – a more experienced police officer – for the first six or 12 months.

    Possibly they don’t do this because the more senior
    police officers are Protestant and many new ones are Catholic? Will Catholics be policing nationalist areas, while the prods do the loyalist areas? Well, they should ignore the sectarian divide if they want a more efficient police force.

  • BonarLaw


    Amongst the nonsense of your 06.50pm you have inadvertantly do hit the nail on the head when you say “they should ignore the sectarian divide if they want a more efficient police force”. I agreee, perhaps if we recruited on merit as opposed to bead-rattling this might not be as big a problem.

  • Well in the last campaign 37% of the applicants got 50% of the places, meaning that some are more capable than others…

  • Rory

    Training that fails to equip them in basic investigatory skills. I am not at all surprised. Must be the same training method they employ with Inland Revenue corporate fraud investigators.

  • Rory

    “…37% of applicants got 50% of the jobs”, Fermananagh YU ?

    Are you sure now? I would rethink that if I were you. The arithmetic fails to compute. Is it a new maths bit of trickery? We didn’t have them in my day, we were too poor and had to make do with the old ones.

    Unless it’s like those wonderful happy days when 40% of citizens were allocated 60% of the votes in some parts (no names, no pack drill).

  • merrie

    You misinterpreted all of my 6.50pm. It is after the police have been recruited that the PSNI should ignore the sectarian divide. It is essential that more nationalists join. The old RUC was more meretricious than of merit.

  • Rory

    “The old RUC was more meretricious than of merit.”

    Oh God, Merrie, now you’ve done it. If it wasn’t already bad enough being reasonable you’ve gone and used big words as well. I’m not sure that such provocation will pass with the censors, unlees, with a bit of luck, they don’t get the “meretricious” bit.

  • Dec

    Interesting how some commentators here are interpreting the Criminal Justice Inspectorate’s identification poor quality of police training as really too many taigs about the place

  • mcgrath

    Its all a cunning plan. The implications of the PNSI actually solving a few crimes is mind boggling. We wouldn’t want any gusto new recruits asking any difficult questions would we?

  • circles

    too many papists – downfall of a wonderful loyal insitution.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention FD – the old RUC really were brilliant weren’t they?

  • Rory

    I once applied for a job were there were a hundred applicants and I was the successful candidate. I deed feel a bit guilty as that meant that only !% of the applicants won 100% of the job. It couldn’t have had anything to do with my qualifications and experience so it must have been because I was a fenian bastard. Seems like we’re even taking all the jobs in London now as well.

  • topdeckomnibus


    You should have performed 1% of the job expectations and avoided the guilt.

    Once upon a time the Home Office conducted research into the performance of a probationer by posting him direct, unsupervised, to a rural beat of 24 parishes in 110 square miles some parts 35 minutes from nearest police help.

    He did Sudden Death inquiry (Coroners Officer) two weeks into the experiment with no training for the duty. He did srious injury road accident with chemical carrying road tanker and overhead powerline brought down … with just the help of an RAC patrolman to direct traffic.

    He did the lot. Burglaries, arrests with and without warrant, sudden deaths, firearms, poachers, aliens registrations, etc etc.

    And every time his judgement was opposed by those in the chain of command (attempted murder, taking child into care, etc etc) the probationer proved right.

    It all came on top when in one sudden death case someone with influence contacted the duty DI who in turn tried to order the probationer to destroy clothing to prevent it being forensically tested. The DI also wanted a misleading statement to be given to hospital pathologist so that a Home Office man would not be called in and only the non suspicious short autopsy procedure carried out prior to a quick cremation.

    A more experienced officer almost certainly would have complied ….

    The probationer did not.

    He did not complete his probation period.

    Are they only recruiting thick probationers there then ? Possibly to massage the egos of the old timers.