Great shot of an Irish Moon…

Irish moon

From James Cullen in the excellent and growing Flickr Armagh Group.

  • Pete Baker

    An Irish moon?!?

    *shakes head*

  • joeCanuck

    Thank you Mick for mtrying to (usually unsuccesively from) drag us away from navel gazing..
    Pete tries too but he is usually unsuccessivle too.
    Ah well, such is life.

  • Pete Baker

    Lost in translation… yet again ;op

  • audley

    An Irish moon, the bit covered in shadow must be the black north. Thats where all the presbyterians live

  • realist2

    the black north? Is that politically correct? Do you mean ‘non white?’

  • CS Parnell

    The Moon stands by the Republic. AS Pearse wrote:

    IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her satellites to her flag and strikes for her freedom.

  • CS Parnell

    By the way, if that’s where all the Orangies live, they’re going to have a hard job swimming back to Scotland when we finally liberate the fourth green field, I mean crater.

    (This is a joke for all those hard of humour)

  • Yours, etc.

    When have I last looked on
    The round green eyes and the long wavering bodies
    Of the dark leopards of the moon?
    All the wild witches, those most noble ladies,
    For all their broom-sticks and their tears,
    Their angry tears, are gone.

    Yeats: Lines Written in Dejection

  • The resolution or focus is dicey for an astrophoto. The Flickr page did not have much on how the image was made, though from his links I’m guessing a Canon EOS Rebel without a scope. I’m not a full moon fan, anyway, but much prefer the cheese-grater effect you get near the terminator. I’m also a Nikon diehard.

    I have often wondered as the rain dripped off the brim of my Akubra on the tenacity of the astronomers of Ireland. How many days out of the year are they ever to ply their trade? Did Parsons need rain gutters on that giant wooden barrel at Birr? How could you ever keep the thing collimated with all the swelling and shrinking? Christ over 50 feet from primary optic to spider!!!

    Does anyone have a contact at the Armagh Observatory?, they ain’t all that neighborly to the ordinary public. I’d like to see that facility when I swing through again in the spring.

  • Truth and Justice

    Looks British to me