Blair feels another hand of history?

Tony Blair may have made some history he rather wouldn’t have. He may be the first serving Prime Minister to be questioned in an ongoing criminal investigation. The interview wasn’t under caution.Interestingly the official spokesperson drew an interesting distinction about the ‘type’ of peerages the investigation relates to:

“The prime minister explained why he nominated each of the individuals and he did so as party leader in respect of the peerages reserved for party supporters as other party leaders do. The honours were not, therefore, for public service but expressly party peerages given for party service. In these circumstances that fact that they had supported the party financially could not conceivably be a barrier to their nomination,”

Could loaning or donating money to a party not be considered “party service”? Guido classifies it as an explanation not a legal defence.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I think Gladstone was questioned too. For much the same thing as well.

    Could be wrong though.

  • GurnyGub

    “I feel the hand of history on my shoulder…oh it’s you, officer”

  • GurnyGub

    Erm…just spotted the headline Fair Deal, blush.

  • bertie

    I think some day that hand of history may lean over and give yer man a good slap!

  • Rory

    It might be more rewarding to question Blair intensely about his links with those business concerns investing in education and what future awards might await him in recognition of his help in securing future profitable return on their investment.

    On the Irish front – pity Heath and Faulkner aren’t around to answer questions of conspiracy to murder in Derry City in January 1972. But then that was unlikely ever to happen so we have to be content with Cannonball’s leap for justice in the case of the latter.

  • topdeckomnibus

    I just thought what bad timing.

    Just as we are supposed to be re-assured by the sound judgement of Sir John Stephens (or is he Lord Stephens .. I am not up on my cover up for peerages subject), so out comes a Labour hitman to say that police lack good judgement (when it comes to tapping TB on the shoulder)


    I too have a quest for justice concerning death in 1972. That of Matron Mary McGill at the home of Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

    The founding trustees of the charity included two MI6 men Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg. My case includes that Special Branch were acting unlawfully by secretly monitoring and corrupting police inquiry touching on these people.

    Be you ever so high the law must be above you. A sentiment echoed in judgement by Lord Denning at one time. Yes the founder of the Cheshire Homes charity. A principle of law for the rest of us Denning but observed more by the breach in your own circles ?

    I wonder if his judgeship in the Profumo case acted as a role model for the judgeship you have suffered.

  • Crataegus

    This is one of those issues that I would like to see pursued with vigour. It is not so much that I detest Blair, but more because I think that there is a responsibility on those in high office to set an example.

    Why bother pursuing a drunken lout or any other criminal if those at the top get away with selling off parts of our democratic structures? How depraved and perverted can one actually get? Where does it stop? Do we then turn a blind eye if they pack out appointments with friends or award contracts to cronies? Eventually you reach a stage where one has to ask, what is the difference between us and some of those reviled African Republics? No we need to make an example and now is as good a time as any.

    If those running the country find that they are driven to such measures to fund election campaigns the obvious answer is change the rules so that everyone has to spend less. Is that too simple?

    Live within your means.

  • ingram


    Agreed, very important especially in light of the BAE scandal.

    Nearly as corrupt as Sinn Fein.


  • topdeckomnibus


    There was the Queen, at her Coronation, wedding her people to create an entity called the Crown. So took the supreme oath on the administration of justice thus becoming Gount of All Justice in Mercy.

    The law is then administered in the Queen’s name under the Crown to ensure its independence from and primacy over government.

    The constitutional monarchy safeguard against things like prime ministers sanctioning murder ?

    Or charities, run by Orders of Merit, from obtain ing UK identities for useful Nazis .. via death registration malpractice.

    Well at the very least a safeguard to ensure that determination of such issues is by independent judiciary.

    Perhaps the Queen is involved in this abdication of duty for honours scandal ?

  • heck


    if a fenian said something like that it would be called “whataboutery”. I guess on this site that term means -unionist expresses faux outrage and nationalist calls him on it.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Tough on crime

    Tough on the causes of crime (poverty, peer pressure)