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“I can remember the reception.” or, possibly, “I had a drink. There lies the difficulty.”, or even, “I’m the Bishop of Southwark. It’s what I do.”.. I could continue.. and Harry’s Place spotted the missing character from the tale.. but suffice to say the conspiracy theorists have noted where the reception was held, or there’s this conspiracy, oh, and some of the suspects the other guests – MI5 head Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller; Sir Hugh Orde, the head of the Northern Ireland police service; and former Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble. [Where was my invite? – Ed]

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  • Rory

    A grubby tale.

    I heard the man on Radio 4 PM, who claimed to find an old man rummaging, incoherent in the back of his car which was parked outside a pub where, this Samaritan claims, he “was having a shandy”. This good fellow then claimed that the old man staggered and fell injuring himself whereupon he retreated towards his “shandy” and called an ambulance and then went back and offered assistance to this apparently confused, inebriated man to make his way home. The man, he then said, “ran off”.

    The next day, he tells us, his wife discovered a bag in the back of the car.

    “Who’s is this, then?”.

    “I dunno, doll, I swear, nuthin’ to do with me, honest, innit.”

    When further inspection revealed material relating to a bishop this good fellow’s first thoughts, untainted no doubt by any thought of personal gain, were as any good citizen’s might be and accordingly he telephoned The Sun and asked, “How much is a bishop worth then, guv?”. Or something.

    He did manage during the, quite considerable, airtime allowed to him on Radio 4 PM to make a negative critique of the bishop’s teaching although he did admit that he himself had no idea what that might be. But he did think that hypocrisy was a “bad thing”. We may at least concur with him on the latter part.

    I of course, unrestrained by the conventions of Radio 4 PM, [not completely – edited moderator]

  • joeCanuck

    Perhaps it was communion wine (19%).
    But anyway, a lot us us get tired and emotional from time to time.

  • Rory

    It did cross my mind that if the bishop was incapacitated after receiving hospitality at the Irish Embassy his hosts were less than gracious, if not seriously at fault, not to ensure his grace’s safe journey home.

  • bertie

    I can’t say I approve of people bashing the bishop!

  • darth rumsfeld

    well known as the best party in town- but what is the Chief Constable doing in London snaffling the Ferroro Rocher? has he no crime to investigate?

  • Nevin

    “the best party in town”

    Dining and whining for Ireland?