Why blog (and keep blogging)….

Simon at Dossing Times with his story on how he got into blogging... and more importantly, why he stayed… As ex bloggers Jimmy Porter and Paul Magyar will no doubt testify, it’s not easy… Here’s the Instaman himself on blogger fatigue with a follow on from another US blogger, Anne Althouse.

  • Well, we all have little dry patches where we don’t want to post for a few days and maybe sometimes the hardest thing is knowing what not to write about. I think Althouse is right, though: the trick is to broaden the spectrum. If the news isn’t interesting, if politics loses its flavour, just write what comes into your head.

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  • bpower

    I guess being consistently wrong about the most important issue of this generation does become tiring.

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks CS.


    “…the most important issue of this generation”.

    Which is?

  • Maybe Jimmy Porter has another pseudonym and is blogging elsewhere.

    I’d reckon some bloggers don’t want to get too many visitors and prefer a few regular visitors who they know are reading and commenting on their blogs.

    Surely blogging is more than just commenting on news . Who’s to say this is what a blog is, this is the way to blog.

    a snippet from Fake Knudsen @


    ‘and now I know why I Blog, human interaction, of course when you get the angry bitter and worse of all unfunny blogger intercoursing with you it makes you wonder why you bother and go back to praying for that meteor to strike Earth.’

    I’d suggest you read the full post & see the pictures @ http://fakeoldmanballs.blogspot.com/2006/12/we-are-bloggers-and-we-like-to-blog.html

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    For them, as Americans, the Iraq war.