The end of the affair?

The fall out from this year’s Compromise Rules Series has continued, with the GAA announcing that next year’s series has been cancelled. It looks like player support for the continuation of the Series has prevented it from being scrapped outright at this stage, with future games subject to a code of conduct being agreed.

Now I may sound like one playing Devil’s Advocate on this, but personally I thought the Irish reaction was way over the top this year. Sure, the GAA is right to push for clear disciplinary steps to be taken so that any future misbehaviour- by Australian or Irish players- brings with it effective punishments. The Aussies played a fierce and brutal game, and their tactics were over the top, but were we justified in grabbing the ball and running away home with it?

And, given the continuing unacceptable scenes of unruly behaviour at club- and county – level within the GAA, was the righteous indignation not a bit OTT?