Darren loses out

Ulsterman Darren Clarke lost out to Zara Philips in this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

  • Gonzo

    Now doesn’t it seem VERY odd that the story about Darren being in a new relationship happened to appear in two big tabloid newspapers this morning… just a few hours before a public vote for BBC sports personality of the year.

    Clarke was the hot favourite, so I’m sure it wouldn’t have been any of the bookies who leaked the story to the News of the Screws or the Sunday Mirror in order to scupper Clarke’s chances and save them millions.

    Carefully chosen words ,like Darren finding new love “just four months” after his wife’s death from cancer were, I am sure, not at all designed to create a negative impression of the golfer in the minds of fickle tabloid readers as they read between the lines in the hours before the BBC phone poll, practically guaranteeing a victory for the Queen’s horsey granddaughter Zara Phillips and saving the bookies from a massive pay-out.

  • Balloo

    Its a shame, we all know in our hearts that Darren deserved that award.

  • Yokel

    Balloo & Gonzo…

    Firstly Darren didnt want the bloody award and he was right, he isn’t a champion at anything, he isn’t the outstanding man in his sport, extrermely good as he is.

    Secondly, given that, instead of a bookies conspiracy maybe Darren had one of his own knowing such a splash on the front pages would have some people deciding not to vote for him. It’s as equally plausible a theory.

    Thirdly, Clarke was a warm favourite from a long way out, the bookies would have had their odds adjusted to ensure they didnt do too badly at all. They would face bigger losses on a big race meeting at the weekend.

    Foruthly, Phillips looks better than him….

  • Nevin

    FD, your Beeb link is to the unlovely John Spellar!!!

  • Doctor Who


    You hit the nail there. Where I live the British press is very expensive so I have to be careful. One look at the mirror and I went sod off, bought the Times and asked for the Mail but it hadn´t arrived yet.

    Later my wife collected the Mail On Sunday for me, I´m well used to this rag either upsetting me or making me cringe with laughter.

    My God they where not even remotely subtle, they even quoted the main competitors for the award. Of course apart from what the the front page article was trying to do it was also a major invasion of Darren´s privacy.

    One wonders what there thinking behind this was. “we can´t let this paddy knock one of our Royals into second place.”

    One more point, it says a lot about the state of British sport when they are dishing awards out for mickey mouse sports, the tiddly winks champion will have a chance next year.

  • againstthehead

    hay tiddly winks i sbig in ireland – don;t knock it!!

  • joeCanuck

    Doctor Who

    I mentioned this on another thread; the award is for sports personality not for a particular sporting achievement.
    Under that criterion, Darren was a worthy candidate.

    As to those who would now meddle in his personal life, shame on them. I wish him the best of luck in rebuiding his life.

  • What actually did Zara Phillips win the award for?

    Blowing Rugby players, riding jockeys, the toungue stud certainly gives Zara an edge in the blowing statkes!!

  • Er – did anyone see Currant Bun today? The shy, retiring Clarke having his privacy rudely invaded by an exclusive interview and picture spread with said delightful organ.
    I’m no royalist but I am fed up with the amount of slagging Zara’s sport is getting.
    How many people criticising her have ever sat on a horse? Been able to control it? At high speed?Over obstacles? Making the bloody thing tap dance?
    Its. Fucking. Hard.
    And all the money and breeding in the world can’t make you actually, physically good at it (unless, perhaps, you’re the horse).
    Inverse snobbery is not a nice trait.
    And as we all know, Sherelle Duke of this parish -who Zara dedicated her recent championship win to – was crushed to death by her horse.
    I never heard of any golfers being crushed to death by their caddies.

  • fair_deal


    Remeber ball not wo(man)


    Fixed cheers.

  • Rory

    “How many people criticising her have ever sat on a horse?”

    I was thinking along similar lines to CaveCanem. How many people actually follow show-jumping? Of those that do how many would be so vulgar as to vote in a televisual piece of opiate for the unwashed?

    I just bet the horsey one got no votes from down here in sunny Tottenham anyway. It’s got to be a fix and that is how we consider it here. But what the hell, let them get on with it, just so’s they don’t think it’s fooling anyone.

  • Rory

    P.s. I wonder are there any on here sad enough to admit that they voted for the priveleged one?

    Go on guys – don’t be shy – throw down that cloak.It will only get wet in tears of laughter this time.

  • Dolmen builder

    I voted for her, only because I thought the rules where the same as Big Brother.

  • Rory – I didn’t vote for her – but you’re doing another bit of textbook townie, inverted snobbery by assuming only rich, posh people are interested in equestrian sports.
    We all know only peasants play and follow golf – oh, hang on a minute…..

  • Dk

    I thought it should have gone to Joe Calzaghe – 42 wins out of 42 and world champion. But Zara was worthy too: can’t see the likes of Rory criticising if it had been Tony Macoy or another jockey. It’s pure inverted snobbery at it’s saddest.