Adams says assassination attempt on him has been aborted

Gerry Adams says that an attempt by dissidents to murder him was aborted because of his own security arrangements.

Police went to his home in the last few days to alert him that a possible shooting was being planned. The Sinn Féin President believes the threat was because of internal party discussions over whether to publicly endorse the PSNI.
The PSNI warning said: “Dissident republicans recently discussed mounting an attack, possibly a shooting, on Gerry Adams, but discounted such a plan due to Adams’ security arrangements. You are advised to seek advice on and take steps to protect your personal security.”

Sinn Féin members Gerry Kelly and Martin McGuinness have already been told that they were being targeted.

“This has become more serious as a debate within Sinn Féin has opened up on the issue of ending political policing. We believe that there is now an active threat to senior members of the Sinn Féin leadership and we are taking this matter seriously,” said Adams.

It is the second time in just over a month that Adams has been warned that his life is in danger.

  • The Devil

    Just another very sad Adams lie, but the bean-tossers will believe half of it.
    I suppose that’s an improvement from not so long ago when they would have believed all of it.

  • Pete Baker

    Presmuably this is a similar PSNI warning to the one that Gerry Kelly brandished on Friday..

  • George

    I mentioned the threat to Gerry Kelly in the fourth paragraph Pete.

  • Pete Baker

    I know George.

    My point was that the line in the report – “Police went to his home in the last few days to alert him that a possible shooting was being planned.” – indicates that this is one of a series of threats reported to SF at the same time.

  • pasty

    Devil- What lie is it that Adams has supposedly made in the report?

  • Pete Baker

    It might also be worth noting that, according to the report, the PSNI warning stated..

    “Dissident republicans recently discussed mounting an attack, possibly a shooting, on Gerry Adams, but discounted such a plan due to Adams’ security arrangements.”

  • Secur O’Crat

    Reports on his attempted assassination have been greatly exaggerated. Perhaps his strategy is to get a UI by boring everyone to death?

  • Intelligence Insider

    Perhaps Gerry heard there was a threat against him, shared that information with another leading member of the republican community who also works for MI5, and this led to him getting the warning from the PSNI .

  • BeardyBoy

    Sorry that the attempt failed? Let us hope we do not go down the route of Protestant individuality and all the internecine grief that obnoxious mentality engenders.

    Although I have no gra for the masonic, protestant philosophy of republicans I do want a good man like Adams shot

  • eocafe

    My five year old son dropped a pot of paint on the pet dog yesterday. Does anyone know how to remove day-glo pink fabric paint from a poodle?
    Many thanks,
    Feidhlim’s mom

  • Secur O’Crat

    Peanut butter might be worth a shot. You want something the paint will cling to, like a cold ice cube for chewing gum removal. Don’t use turps as the dog might not like it. Also, your son should have a real dog, not a bloody poodle.

  • susan

    Here’s how to get paint on Secur O’Crat. Warm Trex in the microwave. Mix with food colouring until you achieve the desired shade of pink. Apply generously with pastry brush.
    Feidhlim’s poodle

  • ’nuff said

    Did anyone else notice this was an Andersonstown News “exclusive”?

  • ’nuff said

    In fact, it seems to be that the story referred to was actually an Andersonstown News press release. See From the Balcony for “the scoop” on “the scoop” – A Publisher’s Blog

    Here’s the Andersonstown News copy – Dissident death threat foiled by Adams’ security

    Seems like the only ones really wishing Adams dead are at Teach Basil, given how hard they are pushing the story.

  • Talk about trying to shoot the messenger. “Nuff said and the other nay-sayers on this thread are no less than digusting with their snide insinuations and have taken playing the man to a new level – wishing someone dead is particularly loathsome.

    Should ’nuff said’ want to find out the Andersonstown News editorial line on this issue, he should read the editorial. But let’s leave it at that, the amount of schadenfreude on this thread has exceeded the level of good taste and proper editorial standards.

  • realist

    Anyone know what they tried to do? Did someone brandish a gun and have it removed by adams security? Or a hurley bat? What was the threat, does anybody know? Or was it an old cripple with an egg?

  • take a lesson from the boy who cried wolf and stfu

    RTE says SF told them the threat was issued early this month. So how many threats has he gotten, or, rather, how much mileage is he getting out of the one threat? The problem Adams faces is that he has told that many lies, and his supporters and propaganda organs told that many more, that if he ever does tell the truth, no one believes him. Like now, for example. The fact that the Andersonstown “Freddy Scappaticci Is No Tout” News is the main pusher of this particular story, literally farming it out to generate publicity last night, does not help Adams credibility at all.

    In fact currently rumours are making the rounds in republican circles that it is the Shinners themselves phoning in threats to the Samaritans – end result, the PSNI have a duty to inform them of the threat, and the origin of the threat can’t be verified or traced back to them.

    It is a mark of how low Adams and his cronies’ credibility is that a rumour like that firstly can circulate and secondly be believed.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Realist: Please don’t call hurleys hurley bats. That is descending to a new low.

  • ’nuff said

    Realist: Adams is under threat from a HurleyCrat!

  • I Wonder

    Wishing death on identifiable individuals from behind the cloak of anonymity is a symptom of the reasons why blogging is, more often than not, indistinguishable from sad, uninformed ignorant people in a bar – and with about as much real-world impact.

  • Secur O’Crat

    I wonder: The named hurleycrats, according to the above article are not after Adams. They can read his game. They do not wish him death. From their standpoint, he is a very sad and sick joke.

  • GurnyGub

    Let’s all step back, and at this time of year remember all the people who didn’t get the luxury of a warning. Sorry to intrude in the bickering. Carry on…..

  • Curious

    Mr Adams had a serious attempt on his life thwarted by his own security arrangements due to the difficult nature of the debate on Policing here?

    Mr Adams et al, so forthwrite in their calls for Nationalists/Republicans to support the PSNI do not it would seem mirror that call by their actions in supporting and relying upon those very same officers for his lawful legal personal protection as per other Government in waiting MPs or MLAs.

    For me the ATNs exclusive implies that some kind of physical attack was aborted. I wonder what protection does Mr Adams actually have? Passive (Run)? Pre-emptive (a panic button)? I wonder does his security team (?) have access to any Lethal(Dare I speculate hand guns) means of protecting him and the Sinn Féin leadership?

    One rule of State law for Nationalists / Republicans another rule of law for the Sinn Féin leadership underwritten in a blind eye kind of way by London?

    Just wondering

  • realist

    rumours and bar talk currently is not about adams. It’s more along the lines of ‘which sinn fein rep wears womens nickers under his crombie coat and armani suit?’
    but I’m swore to silence till I go for a pint the nite. Then it will all come out.
    remember where you heard it first!!
    aren’t bars great places?