Reverse bigotry?

An extract from The Redneck Manifesto:

“…why shouldn’t certain pale-skinned bipeds bristle when outsiders snipe at rednecks, hayseeds, bumpkins, crackers, hillbillies, pecker-woods, Bubbas, yokels, lintheads, shit-kickers and poor white trash.
Anyway you slice the liverwurst, it seems like b-i-g-otry. But the ‘neck-negaters, the trash compactors, the hill-bullies, excuse their fire-breathing with an inventive alibi -“WE can’t be b-i-g-o-ted – REDNECKS are the b-i-g-o-t-s.” It’s like, “He hit me FIRST, mom!”. They deflect attention from their own prejudices by hating the haters, all in the name of love.
Nice try. Still sounds like hate to me.
One of the chief denunciations about rednecks is an alleged bundle of pyschological “fears” that lead them to demean anyone different from them. But flip the pancake over: Isn’t this precisely why most people demean rednecks – for being DIFFERENT from them, as measured by most known indexes of social difference?”