Is devolution such a green new pasture?

Eric Waugh dissents from direct rule being the source of our collective ills and questions the willingness of our local parties to take tough decisions:

“One reason we now face a brutal collision with higher rates, water charges and closing schools is that the Executive and the Assembly, when in office, brazenly funked facing these problems – because they knew each of them would involve taking unpopular decisions.”

  • Greenflag

    Good article by Eric Waugh and so patently true that you would wonder why so many out there still believe in the big D . The great deception would be a more likely description .

    In another article Eric Waugh ponders a future ‘independent Ulster’ as being a political possibility if the UK
    breaks up . Here however Eric Waugh underestimates the desire of the mainly nationalist western and southern areas of Northern Ireland to unite with the Republic . Perhaps Mr Waugh is inching towards a recognition that ‘repartition’ with an independent smaller predominantly Unionist populated State in the North East is the last best hope for those Unionists who realise that whichever way they turn the rules of the game are changing faster than they could ever have expected .

    But at least Waugh is ‘thinking’ even if it’s only slightly outside the box . That may represent one small step for Waugh but in time it could be one giant step for ‘Unionism ‘

    One question which Mr Waugh does not yet answer ?

    What will Unionists call themselves in a smaller independent ‘ NI outside of the UK ?