It’s an honour just to be nominated..

The 2006 Weblog AwardsOf course it is.. but it’s even better to win.. ANYhoo.. On behalf of Mick, and the rest of Team Slugger, I’d like to thank those responsible for our place in the final shortlist for the 2006 Weblog Awards’ Best UK Blog [some familiar names there – Ed]. As always the added value of these shortlists is in finding new blogs that you might never have seen otherwise [Nosemonkey has a query about that – Ed], so make sure you check through as many of the 45 categories as you can find time for, you might find a new favourite.. Oh, and if you’d like to vote for us in the meantime we’d be most grateful. You can, should you wish to, vote once every 24 hours until midnight December 15…


  • Cast my vote- good luck!

  • Procrastinating

    erm, how exactly do you vote? I have tried to but they don’t make it clear how you can do it.

  • Owen Lee Joe King

    Good luck Slugger.

    The participants here should find it no problem to cast several votes (only one every 24 hours?) having, no doubt, lots of practise.

  • Intelligence Insider


    “You can, should you wish to, vote once every 24 hours until midnight December 15… ”

    I hope this is not a signal that you now believe in “Vote early and vote often”.


  • ‘Best UK Blog… ‘ ?

    Still – we gave you our ‘Number One’ , Mick and Co , and done so with absolutely no regard to the up-coming ‘Irish Blog Awards’ vote…..


  • ingram


    You should have asked Pat and Chris to get their mates to organise the ” Votes” they are good at it.LOL

    Good Luck, you run a decent site which allows all of us to sample the various differing views.


  • Pete Baker

    Thanks to all for the votes so far. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow..


    I don’t recall ever saying that I had anything against voting early and often…

    And, sorry about that Sharon, we didn’t have a say in the category titles. ;o)

  • Hi Pete !

    ” And, sorry about that Sharon, we didn’t have a say in the category titles. ;o) “

    But you can have a say in the category titles of the Irish Blog Awards !
    (Hint Hint!)

    Sharon .

  • dpef

    I won’t be voting for this site. A site that protects some journalists from criticism but allows open season on others. A site with a ‘man balls’ rule that goes unenforced for days when a certain type of contributor is being attacked.

    A site that applies immediate enforcement of the rules in some cases and allows certain kinds of personal attack to stand.

    I’m voting for a site with integrity.

    I’m not voting at all – its just a cluster fuck.

  • Off topic, I was at Mick’s talk at the NIHRC workshop today, and I really enjoyed it.

    It’s great to see a blog which has a real commitment to intellectual honesty, that disdains ad hominems – “play the ball” as he put it – and I wanted to express my admiration. Sad to say, but it’s not as common as we might like.

    Thanks Mick, you may have been hungover, but you got your points across.

  • Harry Flashman

    I’m happy to give a vote or two to Slugger, but I have to say I’m impressed by eureferendum’s performance. This must in large part be due to his phenomenal work exposing the huge manipulation of the mainstream media by Hizbullah during this summer’s war in Lebanon.

    He did what journalists used to do, he decided something smelled fishy and he started trawling through the evidence to expose the scandal of what was passing for unbiased reporting in the Middle East. Of course mainstream media ignored the story or treated him like something extremely unpleasant that they’d trod on and was now stuck to their shoe. Until that is littlegreenfootballs discovered and exposed the AP photo manipulation and then the media couldn’t ignore the story any longer.

    LGF is continuing in its pusuit of AP with an expose of one of their stringers simply making up stories and sources in Baghdad, not that you’d know about it as AP and her sister organisations in the mainstream media are treating the story as if it didn’t exist. No wonder the footballs are storming ahead in its category too.

    Nice to see Brussels Journal doing well too (I hadn’t even thought about voting for them until I saw nosemonkey’s hysterical rant against them, thanks guys), and of course the inimitable Tim Blair is looking good to be king of down under, all in all the votings going very well so far.

  • Intelligence Insider

    I’ve given my vote.

    Have to laugh at “dpef”, he mentions the word integrity, obviously something he has yet to master!

  • BeardyBoy

    Slugger – are you a UK site?

  • BB,

    I consider Slugger transcends the borders between UK and the Republic. We devote considerable coverage to mainstream politics in both places.


    You are always (when you keep the rule) welcome to express your view. If you see something that breaks the rule, email me. Or, even better, send me a text. You have my number.

    But come on, tell us, which site are you going to vote for?

  • Mick Fealty

    Ah, sorry, you confused me a bit with your last two lines. A bit more ball, and less man would help comprehension and scansion.

  • Done. And it’s more a case of “vote early vote every 24 hours”!

  • BeardyBoy

    Okay okay – quit gurning – I will compromise myself THIS time

  • Pete Baker


    It might be 24 hours since your last vote.

    Just saying…