From flood to drought

Dr John Sweeney, a climatologist, is warning that the likely impact of global warming on Northern Ireland is too much water in winter i.e. flooding and too little in summer ie drought. He believes the Water Service needs to prepare by building more reservoirs.

  • Yokel

    So instead of the christmas song Let it Snow, Let Snow, it’ll be Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow for this time of year….rain..not booze.

  • Pete

    I can already vouch for that, as living close to three local dams, the amount of water pouring into the overflows recently is just pure waste of an essential resource.

    I have seen in the summer the dry cracking mud forming around slender puddles, which were once vast winter reserves.

    In the light of water charges, seeing the water just running away was thought provoking and more should be done to store it up to ensure its plentiful, perhaps to the point were can be exported to other regions in need.

    We have already seen that direct rule has failed to plan ahead, through policy and financial budgeting, so I would encourage people to rally round Dr Sweeney’s proposition and take the matter further.

  • Rory

    If new dams need to be built then they had damned well better be built before privatisation. Why would profiteers go to the expense of building or improving service when they will charge anyway simply because they have control of the service.

    That has been the experience in Britain anyway. If there is no supply because of lack of foresight or inadequate storage or (as is common) waste through leakage because of failure to maintain the system, the water companies don’t say ” Sorry no water but don’t worry – no charge”. Like hell they do. The bills keep merrily rolling in and, if one is unlucky enough to be caught watering the plants, so do the fines.

  • Pete

    Shame local politicians couldn’t react to local climate change and take control of services before the sell-out.

    I wonder when Michael Stone said “No sell-out Paisley” did he mean the Water Service. Any more dithering as a result of ‘our’ politicians not doing their jobs then everything will be kicked into the private market for capitalist to manage.

    Act in haste and be sure to vote them out at the next election!

  • Greenflag

    More rain for Northern Ireland sounds a bit like more sand for the Sahara 🙂

    Shur you’se will never even notice it .

    If Paisley ever makes it to FM he can ask God to send back Noah and his ark making skills -reopen Harland & Wolff and then build a couple of thousand Arks and Paisley’s chosen can then sail off to dryer climes i.e the Gobishite Desert or somewhere . Meanwhile the rest of us somehow wil no longer be bothered by the constant rain 🙂

    Or as the last remaining Kerryman clinging to the last mountain top above the water said to Noah when the latter sailed past him , with his entourage and refused to take the Kerryman on board .

    ‘Shag you Noah shur it’s (after 40 days and nights of rain ) only a shower anyway !

    Maybe our ancestors could have found somewhere drier and warmer ?