Special advisor jobs for a government that may never form…

Mark Devenport reported on Monday’s TalkBack programme that a round of special advisor posts (reportedly worth £40,000 each) would now be made available to each of the parties, with three for each of the two major parties, and one to the UUP and SDLP. An NIO spokesperson has confirmed to Chambré Public Affairs yesterday that: “Funding for additional special advisers has been offered to those parties who are members of the Programme for Government Committee and its sub-groups, to help ensure that they have the resources they need to take forward the Committee’s wide-ranging agenda in preparing for a restored Executive.”All offered without the double nominations that were to trigger further developments. According to Sinn Fein, they divvied up and made the nomination of Martin McGuinness, even if they did not back the police nor show any signs of being ready to in the near future. The DUP did not. So will they take the jobs being offered at £40,000 a throw to prepare for a government that might never happen? There are three slated for them, three for Sinn Fein and one each for the smaller parties.

  • Carnmoney

    Nothing, but nothing, must be allowed to disturb the illusion that progress is being made. The legacy of the current Prime Minister, as well as the future of the Secretary of State for Wales, etc (aka Deputy PM designate) requires endless lies and spin, whether subverting the role of the Assembly Speaker or offering bribes.

    No party has a Minister, and none therefore deserve a special adviser, never mind three. At least Adams nominated McGuinness, who accepted. However, the other three haven’t even said they would take office ever, never mind by March 25.

    First, the Secretary of State for Wales, etc decided the outcome of the election, by setting up the Programme for Government Committee as if an incoming Executive would be based on exactly the same numbers as the Transitional Assembly on 24 November. That’s some assumption.

    Now, he is reinforcing that position, in the run up to the election, by providing significant state funding for the two (currently) largest parties and a smaller bribe to the next two. This is likely to affect the outcome of the election, unless we believe that the special advisers and all their support IT and accommodation will be solely looking at the better government of NI and in no way at the interests of their party.

  • Mick Fealty

    It would be interesting to see any terms of reference that might govern the role of Special Advisers.

  • Trough. Pigs. Snouts.

  • Greenflag

    Those who can – do !

    Those who can’t -teach !

    Those who can’t do – and can’t teach -act as advisors and highly paid consultants !

    Another waste of the englishman’s taxes 🙁

    Next they’ll be paying somebody to teach Paisley and Adams how to shake hands and how to talk past each other without anybody noticing .

    Wrap up the shite Mr Hain and go back to Wales where you can deal with presumably ‘adult’ politicians !

  • pleaseelectme

    Trough. Pigs. Snouts.

    Trough that some pig who could not get elected would love very much to have his snout in!!!

  • shishkebab

    Amusing as ur dig might be, you don’t actually need to be elected to be appointed a special advisor.

    Any word on who the parties have appointed to these positions? Rhonda Paisley maybe so she doesn’t sue them again!