Eye witnesses intimidated claim

There are claims that eye witnesses to a double IRA murder are refusing to give evidence to an Irish inquiry into Garda collusion because of intimidation. Willie Frazer has called on Sinn fein to encourgae the witnesses to come forward as a confidence building move. However, such a move would be contrary to Gerry Kelly’s fourth policing precondition of dropping investigations.

  • Ingram

    What do people expect a clean run at the truth, it will be a long painful road to the truth but have no fear the truth will win out.

    In respect to this inquiry, Judge Corry found the documentation that proved Fulton was being truthful, just like the Ombidsman found him to be truthful and Flannigan to be wrong.That is why we have the inquiry. Corrigan is just a very very very small part of this collusion story.

    Freddy Scap was the first in the line to get legal representations in this case, I suggest Martin would be well advised to join his mate and fellow tout Freddy to the inquiry also.LOL

    Oh well interesting days ahead. LOL


  • heck

    let me get this right fair deal

    pro british unionists are compaining about Sinn Fein not cooperating with an inquiry into collusion!!!

    I couldn’t make this up

  • Ingram


    Collusion is not just a unionist problem mate, Republicans colluded with the Brits and with the Irish of that be reassured.

    Gerry Kelly is today articulating Sinn Feins position as one of a precondition for policing being NO inquiries. Sinn Fein and the Brits have a common agenda, stop the truth about the collusion game, afterall it is only Sinn Fein and HMG who are taking this public stance.

    Collusions is a real problem for Republicans and HMG, Gerry Kelly knows that dont ya Gerry.LOL


  • Jeremy

    Martin Ingram’s posting again. Wellington’s on.

    Martin are you nw adding Gerry Kelly to the list of touts in the republican movement.

    Heck, you couldn’t make it up but that wont stop others

  • heck


    This issue is about whether we can have a policing in Nor Iron or not. Some idiot on this site said that SF should just accept policing. I have no problem with that. My problem is with the system of law enforcement that exists in Nor Iron, not the concept itself. As I said earlier we all recognize the need for someone to take child molesters of the streets.

    Mick Hall correctly stated on another thread that the police were enforcers for those with power. Under any acceptable “rule of law” the police service must be able and willing to bring agents of the state to heel. One of the main purposes of “The Law” is to protect the citizen from the arbitrary use of executive power. If the PSNI/UVF cannot hold those state actors to account then they are incapable or unwilling of doing their job and should not be supported.

    The police and army were engaged in wide spread collusion with loyalist death squads. Ken Barret was given a deal to plead guilty to the murder of Pat Finucane so that there was no information to come out in a trial. (Who were the RUC officers who told him they wanted Finucane murdered-he knows?) Why has Gordon Kerr not been arrested by the PSNI/UVF and questioned under oath about his activities?

    I have no problem with any touts in SF being flushed out. As Col Jessup said in the movie A Few Good Men. “I want the truth! I can handle the truth!!”

    As I see it your buddy “Kevin Fulton” has confessed to several murders while working under cover for the British army. Why has the PSNI/UVF not charged him and his handlers with murder and, in court, determine how high up knowledge of his activities went ? Why have the PSNI/UVF not charged Scap’s handlers. Instead they have a “historical inquiries team” to go after the Micks. On a more recent issue why haven’t Hain and his top civil servants been questions by the PSNI/UVF for lying to a court? If you or I had done that you can bet we would be questioned by the police (well maybe not you!)

    It also seems to me that some of your exposures are a little too convenient. The Stevens inquiry was focused on the murder of Pat Finucane. As that started to make headlines in the MSN your allegations about Scap took this of the front page and moved the focus from the state to the republican movement.

    Off course I want all the information out but if the PSNI and Orde want my support they have to demonstrate to me that they are will to protect me from state power and that means bringing those state agents involved in collusion to justice. They will not get my support before that.

  • Ingram


    One word mate. Amsterdam.LOL. Like Jim Cusack says , I do have a good record at getting it right.

    The upper echelon movement is corrupt. End of .


    I accept you point re : collusion.

    The British state did participate in state terror. Today Sinn Fein wants to legitimise the same structures that carried out this activity. The RUC is just re badged , same officers in RUC that are now in PSNI.

    FRU still operates but in a different name.

    Special Branch still operates.

    MI5 Still operates .

    The only change is Sinn Fein have joined forces with the British state, strange world Eh.


  • heck


    maybe we agree more that you think

    then again maybe not!! I have never been a member of an organization that killed people. You were in the British Army.

  • Yokel

    Isnt it part of the job of an Army to kill people?

  • heck


    british army and Irish Republican Army

  • ingram


    Yes I did work for 12 years with Army and I am more than proud to say I would defend 99.9% of any operation I was involved in, the odd 0.01% I have done more than most to expose those wrongs.