Engagement can lead to creative outcomes

Father Des Wilson with an interesting context to the policing meeting in Conway Mill earlier in the week, and why engagement beats condemnation every time:

Given an exchange of views like this, even more progress can be made. Condemnation alone, we always found, would help little and might even make matters worse; it had to be accompanied by usable alternatives. Often there was reason to lament good people making condemnations and nothing achieved.

Their worked-out alternative policies or strategies could have been useful and could add to the sum of knowledge we have about our condition and what we should do about it. There used to be a good principle in some Christian circles – to try at every discussion to use this formula: “Look, what we are doing, or what you are doing, is good for this reason and that, but we can do better for the following reasons.”

That formula often got us out of the area of condemnation and into the area of even more creative thinking.