Has-been loyalists’ quest for notoriety ensures their ridicule…

THERE has always been a strong link between the media and Northern Irish terrorism – a kind of propaganda of the deed, if you will. But when the terror campaign ends, just what does the egotistical loyalist who loved to bask in the public spotlight do? In last night’s MacIntyre’s Underworld: Mad Dog, convicted loyalist terrorist Johnny Adair seemed to cut a lonely, rather pathetic, abandoned figure in a much-hyped show in which the reporter claimed to avoid making any kind of judgment on his subject. ‘Mad Dog’s’ main competition for publicity right now is his former cellmate, Michael Stone, who single-handedly tried to bomb the Assembly on Friday. Barney Rowan wrote that it “was a play for publicity, a desperate and dangerous performance by a man whose cause is fame and whose fear is that he might become irrelevant”. Rowan also suggested that Stone wanted to go back to jail, and by breakfast time, there will be little doubt that this is exactly what this abject, humiliated and contradictory character craved.

  • Just finished a report on the same documentary. It really was self-indulgent tripe and Jonny’s blatant attempt to portray himself as a victim in parts was disgusting.

    I was especially taken by how amused Adair was at the thoght of being born on the ‘other side’ and heading up the IRA army council. Makes you wonder if he now realises he was brainwashed early on but doesn’t care, or if he is just an opportunist exploiting “the cause” for his own gain.

  • Bloody laptop keyboard. Sorry folks 🙁

  • gearoid o’spastic

    No, it was a sophisticated operaton by the FRU, Special Branch, the PSNI and the DUP to murder the Sinn Fein leadership and restore majority rule.
    Stop trying to spoil my victimhood with your glaring facts.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    MacIntyre was keen to be seen as being as neutral as he could. Do you think he provided Adair a platform or did he just give him enough rope to hang himself? Was Adair ‘glamorised’ in any way?

  • Cahal

    Whatever you think about the IRA army council, I don’t think it would admit a tatooed skin head nazi drug dealing spide.

    Don’t you have to be a farmer? Or at least wear dodgy tweed hats to get onto the army council?

  • Crow

    There was certainly no love lost between Stone and Adair. Did Stone accuse Adair of making a pass at him in the Maze? Something along the lines of the Spartans did it, why don’t we…

  • Dr Strangelove

    “Something along the lines of the Spartans did it, why don’t we… ”

    I know Johnny’s love of latin is well known, as witnessed when he was first released from the Maze under license. I would however be amazed if he was congsicent of the sexual predelictions of the Greek States, even one as militarily capable as Sparta.

  • aquifer

    Violence is often the weapon of those with the weakest arguments, and arguments for Unionism are getting weaker as Scotland lines up for departure:

  • lisburnroad

    i think j adair see/seen himself as a general,the uda give him a free run to do as he pleased,and maybe the fru or the branch was then in a position to get to him, remember b nelson and his so called rotunda of targets in his sitting room,well he knew he wasnt going to get his collar felt as to some extent did adair,he was obviously puppeted by a n other as the guy is semi illiiterate (pun),the machine was well oiled until j brown persisted and put the brakes on him,the difficulty this man had is proof enough that the branch had interest in j adair, as for now hes a thug without a lower shankill,a pest to society, but i do believe he will be back to NI someday, id say theres some who would relish his return in the right climate,ie no devolution or indeed if there is devolution, NI eh

  • Billy Reid

    Laugh away at this mass murder who was a puppet of the publicity shy Gordon Kerr and others. Sure, dead Catholics are awful funny altogether. How many mass murderers were used on both sides? Who ran the death squads and why not give them some publicity? What calculus was going through the mind of Gerry Adams when Bobby Sands went to meet his maker (or the devil?)
    Slab Murphy had a genuine complaint and the men of South Armagh gave the Occupation forces a good run for the money so leave him out of it. Adams crawled to power on another man’s wound. But it was never any different.

  • Hi Lisburnroad, I’d like to introduce you to the full stop —> .

  • Ballygowan

    As regards whether the programme glamourised Adair or not, I think it made him look at best pathetic and at worst seriously disturbed. Some of the facts that came out

    1. Adair ordered his own son to be shot
    2. The only time he dared walk around the Shankill was at dawn
    3. He called the guy who held his dogs evil and slagged him for being a convicted drug dealer (coz clearly being a convicted drug dealer is much worse than being a convicted murderer)
    4. His party lifestyle
    5. His vanity
    6. His conviction for beating up his wife
    7. His weird, weirdo neo nazi friends in Germany

    I don’t think anyone could have watched that and thought Adair was anything other than an idiot.

  • Percival


    If propesnity to use violence is indicitive of a weak argument, hoe weak has Sinn Fein been for forty years?

  • circles

    Percival – I think you’ve entirely missed the point of this thread – unless of course you intentionally wanted to hijack this discussion of the potrait of a deranged, allegedly loyalist, psychopath to try and score some stupid political point (which can be applied to every government around the planet).
    Unfortunately the portrait of Adair also says an awful lot about what by some is called “working class loyalism” – self-obsessed, cruel and void of any political thought.

  • Plum Duff


    ‘1. Adair ordered his own son to be shot’

    Adair, for once, used his brain (sic!) in that instance. The word on the street at the time was that if he didn’t accede to his son getting (lightly) shot in the legs, ie, no bones would be hit, he (Mad Pup) would be shot in the head. It turned out that the Pup was beating up ‘wee Fenians’ who were going up to one of the well known UDA-run drug ‘retail’ outlets around Carlisle Circus for their ten pound deals.

    And you can’t beat up the cash customers, for God’s sake, they may not come backl!

  • Percival


    Hi-jacking the discussion was not my intention. I merely took exception to the clear aspertion made by aquifer in his earlier comment. Jonny Adair is not a Unionist – he is a murderous low-life who should spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars.

  • Ian

    “Jonny Adair is not a Unionist – he is a murderous low-life who should spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars.”

    The two are not mutually exclusive!

  • Percival


    Yes they are. Real unionists do not believe in the use of violence.

  • ma

    The sad part was that johnny thought he was being a good parent by having his son shot. that was really sad. but the rest of the programme was hilarious. the german national front guy threatening to go to belfast and the poor woman with her shrine to johnny. How could anybody keep a straigt face? It sent me off to bed laughing.

  • Munsterman

    Percival :

    “Real unionists do not believe in the use of violence.”

    Were James Craig and Bonar Law “real Unionists” ?

  • Maitiú Ó Garmaile

    I thought he seemed lovely, very approachable. His parenting skills are modern and effective. He should include more healthy tips in his book on how to turn us all into civilised young people. Michael Carroll, the chav king, is obviously interested in other cultures. Just why he chose loyalism is a mystery.

  • G Macken

    What I noticed when watching the programme was the part when Adair arrived back in Belfast and the police stopped the car he was travelling in. When he reliased the police were aware he was back, he expressed his concearns about them passing on intelligence of his whereabouts to opposing Loyalists.

    We all know how British army intelligence and the RUC/PSNI collaborated with loyalist gangs on many operations over the course of the war, many in which innocent Catholics were murdered.

    Adair knows this only too well as no doubt the many murders carried out by him and his cronnies were planned with intelligence provided by state institutions.

    But now – the hunter becomes the hunted!

  • mickyfin

    micky carrol is the new brigadier of norfolk,i wonder how much he paid for his new title,as for the german guy,he knows how to make( bobby) traps,big storey better watch out,you cant knock johnny for his sense of loyality to rebel and shane, three grand for their safe return from the u d a dog pound.

  • Cormac

    The word on the street at the time was that if he didn’t accede to his son getting (lightly) shot in the legs, ie, no bones would be hit, he (Mad Pup) would be shot in the head.

    ‘Lightly’ – ah well, that’s ok then…

    If it was my son being ‘lightly’ threatened I would have had the whole family out of there and on the first boat!

    But maybe that’s just me overreacting.

  • Wilde Rover

    Pathetic figures stripped of their power and influence, shunned by their erstwhile fellow travelers in Unionism.

  • Plum Duff

    Cormac, with respect, I’m not sure if you got the full import behind my posting. The Pup’s getting shot in the calves of his legs was the best option he (and his Da) were offered. Refuse and he was getting kneecapped, at the *VERY* least. As it happened, Pup agreed to take the easiest course so Mad Dog was allowed to retain control of his Neanderthals in C Coy. Blood thicker than personal fiefdom?? Me oul’ arse, as my granda used to say.

  • Penelope

    read Stone’s letter in the Telegraph… sounds to me he was gunning for “suicide by cop”… sorry… couldn’t help myself 😉

    too bad he didn’t get his wish… but better to die a thousand humiliations in prison over the fact he was bopped over the head w/ his own fake gun taken away by an unarmed woman ex-RUC!!!

  • Cormac

    Plum Duff:

    I wasn’t having a go at you – just expressing my shock that JA could have gone through letting his kid get shot… surely if he had really wanted to he could have done a runner. But I guess his personal fiefdom is more important than his kid.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was making that request…

    “see son, just a little pinch – will all be over in a jiffy. You might want to cover your ears, though. Oh, and lay off the footie for a while.”