“Leave Donegal out of it, as we say up here”

Jim Wells on Morning Ireland this morning: “There are certainly people within the Unionist community generally who see no role for Sinn Fein in the government of Northern Ireland, who believe they have bombed and blasted themselves to the negotiating table . But I think that realists have to accept that somewhere along the line that if certain conditions are satisfied that there could be some form of power sharing settlement”. Of course, as they say on the radio: “terms and conditions apply”! Maybe Jim should have listened to the Doc’s interview with Tommie Gorman the day before who used the contentious term “the North”, when referring to Northern Ireland. Anyone else sense the kulturkampf lifting momentarily?


  • DaithiO

    Just like Johnny Adair last night, whilst confirming his idiocy, he referred to “the north of Ireland”.

    A sea-change?

  • David

    The Doc often uses the expression the “north of ireland”: he’s been doing this for years, so hardy a change of position.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Jim Wells is spot on, we shouldn’t refer to the ‘north’.

    The ‘north-east’ is a much more accurate description.

  • CS Parnell

    Alternatively: Black Hole, (Temporarily) Occupied Six, three quarters of the fourth green field, etc, etc, etc

    Interestingly, when Slugger posted up the Hansard from the 1921 debates of the NI Parliament, the Unionists referred to the “Six Counties” – a phrase which deadens my heart with its reminder of the blinkered abstensionist nationalism I was surrounded with in my youth.

    Northern Ireland is hardly geographically accurate either – and if it is deemed acceptible then so is “Ireland” for the actually existing Irish Republic.

  • Levitas

    “Six Counties” – a phrase which deadens my heart with its reminder of the blinkered abstensionist nationalism I was surrounded with in my youth”

    A bit of an over-reaction methinks to a purely accurate descriptin- certainly more accurate geographically than either Ulster or Northern Ireland-You should’nt be such a sensitive soul Parnell!!

  • hedgehog

    A more concilatory tone from wells? Maybe he’s one of those within ’12 apostles’ angry that their statement backfired badly- disidents within the disidents you could say. Might fit with other indications that some of the 12 are saying their signatures were obtained under false pretences-that they assumed it was something everyone in their Assembly group was signing, that they have no difficulties with direction of leadership and that were as surprised as everyone else to hear their names on radio

  • Truth and Justice

    Jim Wells is starting to talk some sense!

  • McBurney

    Truth and Justice,

    Your blatant damning of anyone who dares not say the exact Party line is getting boring.

    Can you not see that the reason people have spoken out whether it be through joint statements or not is because they care for their country and its people? People like Jim have never said they wouldn’t share power with Sinn Fein, but on the right conditions. Today’s statement is no different, so how you say he is now, ‘starting to talk sense’ is beyond me. The issue with people speaking out is not that they don’t want to share power, but that they are concerned that the entry conditions are not right.

  • Digger

    Maybe like some of the rest of them, he is getting it in the neck from the party faithful for been out of line with the Big Man. Interested to know what hedgehog hearing but understand some of the 12 mad as hell and feel they were being used

  • The Bigman


    Used by who??

  • Truth and Justice

    McBurney the problems that the conditions are never right for people like you its the views you expire that will lead us to the Governments Plan B just when Sinn fein are on a hook people like you just want to throw the baby out with the bath water, keep doing what you do best and enjoy joint authority!

  • bertie

    Mc Burney

    “Truth and Justice,

    Your blatant damning of anyone who dares not say the exact Party line is getting boring. ”

    I could not agree with you more.

    In fact I am beginning to think that T&J is actally anti SAA and trying to galvanise opposition to it amongst those of us who came out against the BA by reminding us about what was thrown at us at that time.

    If that is not his intention, he should be aware that it could very well be the result.

  • Smithsonian

    Truth and Justice
    Are you a UUP plant?
    The submit word for this element is probably98. Do you think that is an omen.

  • I think Mr Wells could have been a bit more succinct. How about “Resistance is useless”?

    He’s come a long way since he led the singing of the Sash in Dundalk when the Punt had his court appearance.

  • darth rumsfeld

    ah, memories- but watchman, to be fair, Jim didn’t sing, he brought his ghettoblaster and a tape from the South Down DUP band presumably

  • Actually, Darth, one of my childhood memories was the sight of Wells actually directing vocal operations, not just playing a ghettoblaster.

    He’s certainly singing a different song now …