“they deserve great credit for everything they are doing”

A BBC report highlights comments by Orange Order Grand Master Robert Saulters after leading a delegation to visit the site at the Battle of the Boyne where the Irish Government is building a visitors’ facility and associated works – although there’s an element of self-interest involved..From the BBC report

Mr Saulters said it was fascinating to see the work that was being done at the Boyne.

“At the moment it is a bit like a construction site but the plans we were shown were impressive,” he said.

“I believe that this will be a major tourist attraction for people from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and much further afield,” he said.

“Already many of our Orange brethren visit the site but when it is completed I am sure the numbers will increase dramatically.

“The work being done by the Irish Government to preserve this important site brings a very important legitimacy to the celebrations of the Orange Order and they deserve great credit for everything they are doing.”