I just want to talk about it – Hugh Orde

Sinn Fein has said “No” to Hugh Orde’s offer of speaking to their Ard Fheis and they still are refusing to call one. Unsurprising considering the last time ‘Securocrat’ Hugh Orde’s tried to make a speech it was disrupted by Ogra Shinn Fein.

  • Mick Fealty

    < pedant >You might want to get rid of the superfluous aspiration (ie the ‘h’) in Ogra< /pedant > (apologies to Pete).

  • fair_deal

    I usually forget the h in shinn must have been overcompensating.

  • seabhac siúlach

    I know it is fantasy…but instead of Orde it would be more useful if a member of the DUP were to address the Ard Fheis, spelling out how they think the DUP/Sinn Fein ‘partnership’ will work in the future and, more importantly, when they think policing powers can be devolved. This would certainly help the vote on policing, if some light could be seen at the end of the tunnel regarding Unionist acquiescence on this issue. Away from that fantasy…from comments from Dodds and others, talking of a political lifetime, are we to conclude that the DUP (or at least some in it) is uninterested in the vote in the Ard Fheis coming down in favour of supporting policing. Would they prefer if Sinn Fein voted against policing, and there was continued political stalemate and possible a Plan B? Is it that Sinn Fein will never be acceptable, no matter how much time passes or no matter what they do/say, etc.?
    Talk of ‘political lifetimes’ is helping no one. The DUP could more usefully spell out when they believe policing powers could be devolved. Would 2008 be acceptable, for example.

  • jaun

    Republicans simply need to heed their own advice, for people who claim it is unreasonable for Orange men to refuse dialogue with convicted murderers and some of the lowest people this island has to offer it seems an odd thing that they find it to painful, to beneath their dignity, to be addressed by a police chief of the PSNI who has no terrorist convictions.
    Is it a case of wilful double standards or are the sinners just to entrenched in bigotry to realise their hypocrisy ?

  • jaun

    “entrenched in unpleasant bigotry”, pardon me.

  • Earl of Cavendish

    I still believe Orde is a fair and balanced Chief Constable in a difficult environment. He wants to get policing functional and balanced. Sinn Fein should at least talk and listen to him.

  • Balloo

    Talk and listen….

    Not to be pessimistic but…

  • Henry94


    Sinn Fein have met Hugh Orde. There is no need for him to come to the Ard Fheis for that. Residents groups are not asking to address orange rallies. Just to meet to discuss parades through their area. If you are willing to compare like with like your argument fails

  • miss fitz

    I think the h belongs in Sinn Fein when you say Ogra Shinn Fein. I had noticed it before and checked with a gaelgoir who said it was correct.

  • T.Ruth

    Dear Seabhac Siulach
    I am not an MEP,MLA,MP,Officer,Councillor,of the DUP. Just a pensioner of no great political importance who goes along to the monthly constituency meeting of the party when I have nothing more pressing to do. I am very much your average DUP voter so unsurprisingly I am not a Free presbyterian. In fact I am a regular committed Christian communicant of the CofIreland. I find it difficult,almost embarrassing, when people mix politics and religion but it takes all sorts to make a world as Anglicans would be aware.I can also trace my ancestry back beyond Planters or Gaels and get a little annoyed by those who base their political outlook on the Celtic version of history especially in relation to the North Eastern corner of Ireland.

    . Apart from tomorrow when my wife and I will use our smart passes to get a free train ride to Dublin to meet some friends,I am available at a moments notice to address the Ard Fheis though my previous experience of Fheis’s was the Fla Ceol in Thurles about 1963/4. I would be really keen to attend any Ard Fheis and I am willing to spell out the Democratic Unionist position for anyone who would spare the time to listen though listening is becoming a rare response these days.People in the Republican movement prefer to rehearse their prejudices and ignore reality a bit.

    The politicians only need to listen to the man /woman in the street and they will know that 90 percent of the Unionist and Loyalist community will welcome a deal if it meets Unionist requirements.A similar percentage of Nationalists is keen to see our politicians in Stormont doing the business to improve peoples’ lives.They do not feel the need for a private army or a strong connection with the Border Smugglers or the West Belfast Murphia.

    On the policing issue support for the legitimacy of the PSNI and de facto the State of Northern ireland is a “sine qua non” for the likes of me. No delivery on policing no delivery on devolution.On the devolution of Policing and Justice to a separate ministry then a pre-requisite would be an appropriate level of community confidence and a suitable mechanism for assessing that confidence.

    The legislation offers the possibility of a 2008 date. However the DUP negotiated double ,double lock enables Unionists to postpone that moment until they feel secure. Having been on the receiving end of a sectarian terrorist onslaught for thirty five years directed by those who might seek ministerial office I am sure you can appreciate their point of view.The Unionist people will be impressed by action rather than words.They will know when the time is right.

    The people who can take speed us forward to that moment are the Republican people.They can create a new climate by entering into the process with a desire to improve the conditions for all the people of Northern Ireland. SF must leave the thuggery and murder and criminality behind and encourage their supporters to work for the regeneration of this province.The Republican dream of a united Ireland, if it could ever be realised, will have to be put on a very long finger indeed if their present violent and belligerent attitude is all they have to offer fellow members of the”Irish nation.”they really need to develop a more inclusive and imaginative,egalitarian philosophy on the concept of Unity.

    We have a huge segment of our community which suffers serious levels of poverty and deprivation. Twenty five percent of the population could not even read the StA’sA and a further twenty five percent could not comprehend its contents.They would welcome help to develop some skills and improve their life chances. They just know they want peace. They want an end to terror. They want Law and Order. They want a new vision and a financial package to stimulate the economic regenerataion of the province. They want prosperity for Unionist and Nationalists alike and they want it sooner rather than later.

    The IRA and Sinn Fein politicians are the barriers to progress. It is time for the Republican leadership to put up on accepting the PSNI or shut up and go away.The democratic parties could manage to have a successful voluntary coalition without Sinn Fein in the Executive.The future life experience and well being of Northern Ireland’s people needs to be at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.The terrorists have lost the war. The good people will win the peace.

  • Kloot

    Apart from tomorrow when my wife and I will use our smart passes to get a free train ride to Dublin to meet some friends

    T.Ruth. Enjoy your trip to Dublin, if you have time , I recommend a trip out to the museum in Collins barracks. They have just completed an excellent exhibit on the Irish in armies down through the ages. Includes India, america etc. Its very much a part of our shared history.

    4 stops out on the Luas. Handy to get to and quiet enjoyable. You might not be too interested in the new 1916 exhibit, but I must say that I found it interesting.

    Anyway to the point at hand. I cant find myself objecting to anything you’ve said in it, except for the devolution of Policing and Justice. I just cant see such a long run in time being acceptable to the Sinn Fein electorate. Cheers for your thoughts.

  • Shane Kelly

    Hugh Orde has a nerve to lecture anyone, Ógra Shinn Fein quite rightly labelled him a ‘Securocrat’, he has been placed in charge of state policing because he is a cute whore, who while as cold and callous as Flanagan and all the rest, has a honeyed tongue and softer veneer about him.

    I am not bought by this colluding ‘Securocrat’, where were the PSNI at Stormont on Friday, how did Stone get up to Stormont, I’m sure Hugh and the boys know!

    Hugh Orde should have no place in policing in the north, he should open up the files on collusion, stop endorsing the use of child informers, and go back home.

    Fair play to Ógra for this protest – I didn’t know it had happened – good old establishment media not covering anything dissentful.

    Children of the Revolution all the way!