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The Sunday Times claims that ‘Good Republican’ Slab Murphy, family members and businesses will be billed for £10m/15m euros in unpaid taxes.

  • slug

    It really is important that the rule of law come to the likes of Murphy.

  • miss fitz

    Shades of Al Capone really, isnt it. They couldnt get him into a court of law for his actions so the tax man got him

  • Comrade Stalin

    Isn’t Murphy still on the run ? If so there may well be charges pressed if/when he is arrested ?

    Glad to see him being made to pay his way.

  • roisin

    The man is being martyred to whitewash the past of certain well known MLAs, whom Mad Dog Stone is being accused of trying to kill. Still, for such a top “Bandit”, he seemed a bit silly leaving all his records in a haystack. It makes you wonder was he the boss of bosses or did McKevitt exercise more discretion in hiding gear?

  • If the likes of Bertie Ahearn, Jonathon Powell, Phil Flynn,Gerry Adams, and others think they can just airbrush history and allow this blatent persecution to go ahead without offering their support for the Murphy family, then I am afraid there is no alternative but for the Murphy family to call these and other high profile people to give evidence of what they knew, know, and their role in the conflict concerning Slab and the South Armagh brigade, not forgetting the close personal/business relationships many high profile public figures have had with the Murphy family over the last few decades.

    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well the photo’s of Slab, Phil Flynn and Bertie Ahearn embracing should be a taster of things to come if this farce continues.

    The secret deals with Downing Street over smuggling, allowing Slab to find work for his stood down soldiers, by involving them in smuggling, with the tacid approval of London, Jonathon Powell, Dublin Bertie Ahearn.

    Excuse the pun, but Slab knows where the bodies are buried and he could certainly tell a tale of collusion from the highest order from the heart of both the Brit and Irish govt’s.

    It will be interesting to see just how far authorities are prepared to go, before those powerful people get cold feet and order closure on this investigation.

    The subject of smuggling across the border should be a central part of any final peace deal so that if anyone is still engaged in smuggling after a final deal, then they will have to take their chacnes like others who break the law.

    To persecute/investigate Slab before a final peace deal is reached smacks of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and is premature to say the least.

    Personally I hope this is just window dressing and alot of hot air by authorities to try and demonstrate they are doing their job, however, too many people have too much to lose if the real truth comes out, so don’t be surprised to hear of a settlement out of the public gaze.

    A final question on the CAB/ARA investigation, why now?

    Is this to show Loyalists how tough authorities are?

  • The largest loyalist paramilitary group has been seeking millions from the British Exchequer to set up community projects aimed at employing former paramilitary activists. The figure asked for is believed to be in the region of £30m. In return the UDA has promised to dissolve the organisation and move thousands of its members away from paramilitarism.

    I firmly believe this is the best way forward and will help reach closure, preventing the Devil from finding work for idle hands.

    Thomas Slab Murphy and family have done all of these things with regards Republican soldiers, and all he gets is a Tax demand for 15 million euros.

    Double Standards, blatent sectarian prosecution, and continued par for the course against Republicans.

    Come on Bertie, Gerry, Jonathon etc, your silence is deafening !!

  • Reader

    Art Hostage: Thomas Slab Murphy and family have done all of these things with regards Republican soldiers, and all he gets is a Tax demand for 15 million euros.
    He can afford it, don’t you think?
    If there is a bit about immunity for paramilitary Godfathers and ongoing crime in the GFA (or even SAA), then I haven’t found it yet.
    There is a reason why the early release scheme only covers crimes committed before the ceasefire. Why do you think some people missed that cut-off point? Sheer carelessness, or greed, or stupidity, or arrogance?

  • Rubicon

    Art Hostage – if there is truth in what you say then let Slab bring it out in court. I doubt the GFA would has been voted through by the Irish people if they’d been told that early release was to engage in cross-border smuggling and criminality.

    If Bertie told Slab otherwise (or any government representative – British or Irish) then Mr. Murphy surely would not have been daft enough not to possess evidence – would he? He should have nothing to fear and be filing his case with the police as we speak.

    Where is Mr. Murphy by the way?

  • As there is not any arrest warrents out for Tom Slab Murphy I have heard about, I am sure he is sitting down to his tea at Home Place,Larkins road, Ballybinaby, Hackballscross, or he is playing darts in the Ballymascanlon hotel in Dundalk.

    Unlike others who have amassed wealth, Slab does not flaunt his in any way shape or form.

  • jerryp

    So, that’s the secret then : amass all the ill-gotten gains you like, just don’t flaunt them ! I believe Lidl is about to set up in Hackballscross !

  • dpef

    If their investigations haven’t found any ill gotten gains to seize and he doesn’t have any assets (as the Sunday Times claim for costs shows) is going to the effort of slapping down a huge tax bill anything other than a pointless, media based exercise?

    Or do they assume he’ll say it’s a fair cop and present £x million.

    I doubt the truth of this story.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    I always ask myself why….why is this being done and who…who does it benefit.

    I remember reading that when the first IRA cease fire was broken by the IRA –Gerry Adams was shocked and stunned and it was reported he obviously did not know about the plans to break the cease fire. Also, it was reported that the plans to end the cease fire were planned in South Armagh…the area associated with staunch republicanism and people not always happy with adams. Maybe it is payback to Mr. Murphy….by the british government for what happened to Mountbatten…it was reported that Montabatten’s death was planned in South Armagh as well. Many people are probably happy that Mr. Murphy is having trouble and being harassed by the governments….but…I am not.

    Is Gerry Adams happy?

  • Reader

    Kathy_C: I always ask myself why….why is this being done and who…who does it benefit.
    Who does it benefit? Law abiding citizens, taxpayers, users of public services. The same people who benefit when the ARA seizes assets held by loyalist gangsters, in fact.

  • Jocky

    Can any of Slabs supporters on here explain to me why you work on the pretence that he has a right to a criminal enterprise?

    It’s like you always work from the standpoint that he hasn’t done anyhting wrong, ever.

    Why now is not the question, it is why not earlier?

    To further enlighten me, can someone explain the logic that as Slab is right to amass his huge personnal fortune through smuggling because he lives such a simple peaceful life down on the farm. So my question is, following that logic what the feck is the point of the criminal enterprise? keep the boys of the street and out of trouble? a sort of republican boys birgade?

    Shinners really are all over the place on Slab

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    During the American Revolution…our fight and victorious one at that…against the british empire…the colonist had to raise money to fight and win against the brits… Now alot of how the colonist got money was deemed illegal by the british crown… It is what happens when people are fighting for their freedom.
    By going after Mr. Murphy…it gives a signal to all republicans that at any time the brits and irish gov’t can finacially destroy you…any one who has been opposed to british rule. It’s to spread fear in the republican community to those who have the money to help topple the leadership of adams/mcguiness. However, the way those two are going…they will topple themselves. Adams is becoming so very DeValera…thinking he is soooo very clean while others take the heat for what has transpired over the years. Personally, adams looks more british each and every day.

  • Martin

    So how, exactly, Kathy_C ,are roads, schools and hospitals ie the day-to-day essentials of everyday life for Irish people – to be maintained in your Revolutionary Republican Utopia if its wrong to pay tax to “brits and irish gov’t “?

    It’s easy to pontificate from 3000 miles when you don’t have to suffer the reprecussions.

  • Reader

    Kathy_C: Adams is becoming so very DeValera…thinking he is soooo very clean while others take the heat for what has transpired over the years.
    Well, so long as he kept the receipts from the book sales, he should be safe from the ARA. However, there is always the Historical Enquiries Team.
    By the way, do you think that the ARA is after Slab’s personal funds, or a Republican war chest?

  • By the way, do you think that the ARA is after Slab’s personal funds, or a Republican war chest?

    Slab does not have any personal assets, anything he may or maynot be custodian of has never been in his name, that is not the way it works.

    The billion dollar empire is controlled by companies who conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

    However, Slab does have access to these funds if so disposed.

    As to a republican warchest, now there could be a reason why this blatent sectarian prosecution is taking place.

    However, as pointed out by an earlier post, the Times never collected its costs against Slab, and any final tax demand will not be met either.

    The authorities know this, but then again it is not the money authorities want, but the media headlines, and perception that they are doing their job.

    The sectarian persecution of Republicans continues un-abaited, as the Brit and Irish govt’s hand Slab tax demands from one hand, they give a cheque for £30 million to Frankie Gallagher/UDA from the other one.

    If this is not sectarian than I would like to know what sluggers can call this double standard?

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Martin, this isn’t about not paying taxes…and it’s all about putting pressure on a supposed high ranking Irish Republican. It’s pay back time…and several are going after Mr. Murphy for their own poltical reasons.
    If what they say is true…than adams and mcguiness needed Mr. Murphy’s approval to have go the John Lennon approach…give peace a chance. The british crown government under blair owes alot to Mr. Murphy and others who could have decided peace was not the way to go…and london would have been worse off and certainly the olympics would not be going to london if the likes of Mr. Murphy had made other decisions.
    Pay back is a bitch as they say….but I would think even in its zeal to help gerry adams…the british gov’t should do a re-think.

  • Pay back is a bitch as they say….but I would think even in its zeal to help gerry adams…the british gov’t should do a re-think.

    An even better reason may be to protect Jonathon “Curly bonce” Powell, he who gave the authorisation, backed by Tony Blair, for Irish Republicans, Thomas Slab Murphy and the Murphy family to be allowed to continue their cross border dealings, in order to give them the space to convince Irish Republicans, especially in the border region, to, as you put it, Give peace a chance.

    This, I hope, is just window dressing, even if junket seduced Gerry Adams has a personal issue with Slab.

    Robbing Slab to pay Frankie serves no other purpose than demonstrate the sheer vindictive nature of the beast.

    The Celtic Tiger may be asleep, but pull his tail, and he will bite your hand off, Bertie, Gerry, Jonathon, Tony etc.

    By taking the Irish Republican element out of this and personalising it is a very dangerous game.

    If Thomas Slab Murphy is the Godfather that he has been accused of, then Bertie, Gerry and friends may get Polonium as a condiment.

    A Horses head in the bed is so yesterday!!

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    the british have several muslim groups wanting to destroy britian an agent of the great satan as they see it. Now, the queen’s government in its (I think ) foolish zeal to get Mr. Murphy have demonstrate to muslim factions that if they have their group lay down their arms in the quest of peace…england aka the queens gov’t will turn around and go after the men of authority who ordered the peace….very foolish indeed.
    In the world of international politics groups watch governments they are dealing with to see how that gov’t treats others… Why on earth would elements of a muslim group who feels justified in fighting the queens gov’t…now ever do a peace deal with the brits…. yes, blair and company have acted very short sighted and have harmed their countries future.

  • Reader

    Kathy C: Why on earth would elements of a muslim group who feels justified in fighting the queens gov’t…now ever do a peace deal with the brits
    Maybe the issue wouldn’t arise. After all, if a Muslim group said in a statement: “Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever”, wouldn’t you expect them to me more honest than the IRA about it? Or do you think the IRA was being honest, but that Slab was disobeying a perfectly clear order?

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Reader, the british are going to attempt to pull out of Iraq (because of public opinion at home and the fact that the british feel they are very vulnerable on the home front to muslim attacks). The muslims in the UK who have watched and read about the north of Ireland deals and deals and deals and how the british government keeps changing and allowing paisly (who many might say is a religious extremeist) to dictate the terms…well, people have watched and learnt. The truth of the matter—whether people like it or not or even like Mr. Murphy….Mr. Murphy was needed and his approval had to be given for the peace thing to be tried. Now the british muslims see what happens when a man of authority makes peace with the british crown government….it is only a matter of time until the british crown government comes after the man of authority and his family. This is the lessons the muslim communities in the UK have learnt and seen. This is why the british crown government is stupid to go after Murphy and his family. They should just make a statement… and leave him alone…. Like I said…this really has nothing any more to do about taxes…and if the british were smart they would see and realize it has everything to do with their future security on the muslim home front.

  • Reader

    Kathy C: … when a man of authority makes peace with the british crown government
    Wrong on both counts – he wasn’t elected, and he wasn’t a negotiator in the GFA. From my perspective, he stopped doing some of the things he should never have been doing in the first place, and kept on doing others. Do you think he had a hand in writing “Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever” – and then ignored his own orders? If he didn’t write that, did he ignore the authority of those who did?
    Even in Republican terms then, he’s a very naughty boy, and a very bad example, and an obstacle to the next step in building politics based on consensus. Who but a dissident could respect the behaviour that got him into his current position?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Reader, Let me ask you this…because the sinn fein leadership has to keep coming to American for a dual purpose to ask for money and to brief American Irish on the process…there are many people in authority who have not been elected but have a very big say in the way things go.
    As for the war against the british…it was in Mr. Murphys area of South Armagh where the Republicans mounted successful campaigns against the british crown forces. It was in South Armagh where the british crown forces were unable to patrol on the roads-they could only come into the area via helicopters. It was in South Armagh that the Republicans were able to keep a member of the UN security forces…a nuclear power off the roads…. I don’t know what Mr. Murphy did or did not do ….but I have seen the results of what the Republicans of South Armagh have done and they are very impressive….