New biometric passports hacked

The RFID system in the new passports has been successfully cracked using the publicly available information and equipment costing £175-£250. The government did put on a high level of encryption to deter identity thieves but the ‘secret key’ needed to unlock it isn’t a secret. The Home Office doesn’t care and insist “This doesn’t matter”. They don’t seem to understand that if you can crack the chip it means you can clone it.

  • Crataegus

    Anyone with experience of the real works knew this would happen. If it can be made it can be copied or hacked. If you store a lot of information under one system then the reward for gaining access is greater. I am increasingly concerned by the interconnection and access to databases about us and would like to see it a lot more difficult to access and more fragmented. For example the electoral role I see as a prime example of abuse of information. Where I live is my business and it should be assumed private. Giving political parties, particularly in the context of NI’s troubles, should not happen and commercial use should not be considered at all.

    The Passport fiasco is an expensive scheme of absolutely no use in the campaign against terrorism and it now transpires a scheme that has cracks that could be used against us before it is even launched.

    There are cheaper ways to stop benefit fraud if that is what this is really aimed at.

  • P O’Neil

    Passports are not the only things that can be hacked or cloned. The new bio-metric ID cards that the Fascist UK government wants to impose on the population by 2009 carries similar RFID chips, that can just as easily be hacked or cloned. Both the biometric passport and ID card requires 49 pieces of information which will be stored on a massive database, which of course government agancies (and corporations) will have full access to.

    Verichip, the first and only FDA approved human intradermal implantable microchip uses similar technology, which can also be hacked and cloned. Already across the US many people are implanted with Verichip (as are Charles,William and Harry, whose chips can be picked up by GPS), these chips can also carry details of your bank account and just by walking past or running your hand under a scanner you can pay for your shopping etc etc. It’s all part of a cashless society control grid that was originally conceived by the American Military Industrial Complex in 1962, and has been slowly introduced over the last 20 plus years – decensitisation through incrimentalisation.

    The problem with these technologies is that the RFID chips transmit a signal that can be picked up by a receiver several meters away. Walmart is also placing RFID chips into it’s products, using the line that it makes tracking and tracing the products easier. What they are not saying is that RFID tags are sewn into the lining of garments and when you pay for your shopping with your credit card, your card details will be encoded into the tags. There is also a control grid of RFID scanners already built in to the current survilance structures in place, so that the population can be tracked by the RFID tags in their clothing… All sound far fetched?? It was only at the end of last year that a murderer in the US was convicted based on the RFID tags in his car tyres that placed him at the site of a body dump in a remote part of the Nervda Desert.

    I’ve been saying this shit for years, even on here plenty of times, and been derided for it. Unfortunately, all I can say is, ha ha I was right, and because an apathetic population have willing accepted this, largely due to Governmental orchastrated terrorism and propaganda, we’re all f**ked….

    As for the terrorism thing, easiest way to stop terrorism is not to pay your taxes, considering the Brits are one of the leading sponsors of terrorism.

  • The way things are progessing, there may not be a “United” kingdom very soon, this link needs a thread methinks and what are unionists going to do, sit tight for the foreseeable future, as Sam Cooke sang… A Change is gonna come;jsessionid=HK4NSP3BEJMMXQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2006/11/26/nunion26.xml

  • Just saying

    This is irrelevant as the info on the chip is the same as on the information page of the passport, so you can clone the chip but the info of the passport would be missing

  • not again

    (P O’Neill,
    Sometimes you start to make sense…. but at some point, usually towards the tail end of your posts, the emerald green mist descends and you drift off into Republican rage which undermines anything you’ve said up until that point…)

    The Real ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 and will be introduced across the USA in May 2008

  • Cahal

    Mr Cameron said: “The union between England, Scotland and Wales is good for us all and we are stronger together than we are apart. The last thing we need is yet another parliament with separate elections and more politicians spending more money.”

    From The Times

    Didn’t he forget something?

  • Gum

    Just further proof of the waste of money that these cards will be. While I am opposed on civil liberty grounds, the govt have NOT made any attempt to show how these cards would prevent atrocitie like the London bombings. Think you’re right on the button Fair Deal – they’re trying to push this through and ignore the facts. Do they think it will be a political climbdown to retreat or stall now?

  • mnob

    Some of the good folks in the USofA have discovered that if they place their (*unencrypted*) biometric passports close to (or in) a microwave oven then the RFID chip stops working.