Allister hits out at Paisley as DUP wrangling continues

DUP MEP, Jim Allister, has hit out at party leader Ian Paisley for issuing the crucial ‘clarification’ statement Friday afternoon, after pressure from Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and British PM Tony Blair following his earlier decision to omit a crucial part of an agreed text during his Assembly speech.

Allister is quoted in the Sunday Times as saying, “I thought the statement in the assembly was good and that is where the matter should have been left. I didn’t understand the need to change the content of it.” Alister further accused his party leader of causing amibiguity over the matter.

  • Gromit

    Jeez a couple of years ago no one had heard of Jim Allister now he is trying to out Paisley Dr Paisley

  • Henry94

    Paisley had to clarify or the Assembly would have been shut. Jim Allister should remember that the DUP would win that seat in the EP if Borat was their candidate. He should not look on it as a personal mandate.

  • jerryp

    I don’t think Borat would ever get the nomination, DUP never claimed to have an intellectual wing. Better to stick with someone like Willie McCrea !

  • dodrade

    At the time I just thought the statement was just to confirm that Paisley had said No (at this time)although Bell acted as if he’d said yes (which he clearly hadn’t). But now I’m beginning to wonder if there really is the potential for a major split in the party.

    It will be interesting to see what happens if Hain ddecides to unpick the triple lock and make May 2008 an actual rather than aspirational date.

  • Mick Fealty

    Interesting Henry. Is that genuine inside track, or intelligent guesswork?

  • Henry94


    About Borat? Just a piece of hyperbole.

  • dpef

    I previously noted Jim Allister’s further rejection of the SAA

    “This is monstrous and a gross affront to democracy. I cannot comprehend how any Unionist could, in consequence, regard this Bill, quite apart from its other deficiencies, as a suitable route to acceptable devolution. The ticking time bomb of a Sinn Fein First Minister being foisted on a Unionist Assembly, is something which should unite every Unionist in opposition. I trust it will.”

    He is rejecting it until Article 8 is removed (as he only wants the largest party to hold the First Minister position as long as they aren’t SF) in addition to his previous issues

    “Government by spite. That has been our lot in recent times. Instead of Good Government ,we’ve had Vindictive Government – all designed to coerce us into premature devolution. Hence super rates – hurting particularly in parts of this constituency – grammar school destruction and constant threats of “joint stewardship”, which, if it happened, would negate the consent ethos supposedly ensconced in the Belfast Agreement. This, of course, is the same Government which three times persuaded Trimble that the conditions were right for devolution, that Sinn Fein was ready and deserving of government, and three times got it utterly wrong. It is our bounden duty and election pledge not to repeat these mistakes. Sinn Fein was not ready for government then, and is not ready now. Sinn Fein is inextricably linked to the IRA. The IRA is an illegal organisation, whose structures and command remain in tact. That nexus is enough, in my book, to make them unfit for government. That nexus must be broken – which can be most persuasively done by disbandment of the IRA, which is not too much to ask if its war is truly over. Why would any Party in government need an illegal “Army” at its beck and call. It cannot and must not be allowed. Sinn Fein knows what needs to done. No one else can do it for them. Its
    not enough to dump arms, they must dump “the army”! Yes, devolution would be nice, but to be worth having it must be both durable and democratic. Failure to adequately address structural deficiencies, criminality and the IRA elephant in the room would just as assuredly cause it to collapse again, as it did in the past. Nor is the artificial contrivance of de hond’t a means to durable and democratic devolution. November 24th will come and November 24th will go, but until the IRA and its criminality are gone, I see no basis for optimism. Nor, should we feel under any real pressure. This is a dying Government, fading into oblivion. Blair is not the future, soon he will be the past. So too Ahern may be on his way out. As for Hain, his greater ambition is playing croquet at Dorney Wood.

    What will be next………….

    Some in the DUP will never agree to power sharing, I think Mr Allister is one.

  • austin

    Any word from Ian Junior?

    By instinct and based on his previous record, you would expect him to align with the the hard-liners.

    Obviously family loyalties are keeping him in check-for now anyway……..

  • Balloo

    Well at least Mr. Allister is sticking to his guns on this one. Agree or disagree with him but he seems to be in it for the long haul. If he was somehow to fall back inline and accept the deal in its current form he would be a hypocrite.

    And we’ve had enough of those to last us another lifetime….

  • dpef


    Mr Allister has said he will not accept powersharing if it means the First Minister role could ever be taken by a non-Unionist.

    He has made his position clear.

    He refers to a Unionist Assembly.

    Mr Allister seems to be about domination. An old style Unionist.

    As you say, at least he’s honest.

    but why do I get the feeling when he says Unionist he really means Protestant?

  • I wonder…

    He is quite simply another armchair general who offers no positive alternative and is content to snipe from the sidelines.

    The party may regret having offered him the Euopean position in time. I wonder could he be deselected? It’d be interesting to see how many votes his stance – minus the party machinery – could muster. About the same as Bob McCartney’s party without him, I suspect.

  • the sparrow

    Jim Allister for God!

  • Is Jim Allister becoming the DUP’s Jeffrey?

  • dpef

    Another Allister quote on SF in government: (from Oct 2)

    “Hitherto some Unionist turkeys may have voted for Christmas, but not this time!”

  • Hainspain

    “Obviously family loyalties are keeping him in check-for now anyway……..”

    Well with Rhonda suing daddy for not giving her the policy job in DUP HQ, it seems family loyalties in the Paisley household don’t count for much.

  • T.Ruth

    There is no way for Unionists to have control of their own affairs other than through a devolved administration at Stormont.There will be no benign rule from Westminster and Dublin.Plan B would enable our worst enemies to use North/South bodies and omnipotent Ministers to destroy our culture and deny us our rights.

    These objectors have no alternative plan-only a desire to seek personal political advantage or hide their cowardice, and inability to face down Republicanism in the political arena, behind blustering appeals to the extreme wing of Unionism. Failure in the past to act as a united Unionist people and betrayal by successive Prime Ministers and Secys. of State brought us to this point.We should have learned from our mistakes by now and stand united against Sinn Fein.We will not lose our character or betray our principles by entering into this deal.DUP negotiators promised this deal to the Unionist electors at the last election.We have achieved more than anyone could have hoped for at this moment.When the leadership tells us it is OK for them we should give them our wholehearted support.

    We would prefer voluntary coalition and we will work for that. That we can not have government without terrorists in the Executive will forever be a stain on the character of the present British and Irish governments.Mandatory Coalition will not produce government with collective responsibility or effective opposition but Unionists have already faced the terrorists down in Assembly Committees and Local Councils.Now we must face them down across the Executive table. That should hold no fears for Uniomnists.

    We must focus on one goal-to have control of our affairs in our own hands.The ST.A. proposals and what can subsequently be achieved in negotiation will offer Unionism that possibility. The vast majority of the Unionist community is behind the DUP in seeking an acceptable deal that meets Unionist requirements.We must leave behind those who can not contribute to achieving a democratic future which includes all those who can sign up to support Law and Order,the PSNI,and democratic government..

  • GavBelfast

    Interesting how CD and FD look to be fighting their own micro propaganda-fest on here, where each deflects discomfort in their own ranks by focusing on the other’s stresses and strains, weaknesses, etc.

    Clearly not looking as if their own side is at fault is much more important than a bit of stability and maybe even an enduring settlement.

    No surprise, of course.

  • Stiofán de Buit

    Well said Gav.

    It’s quite clear that both the DUP and Sinn Féin are having problems with their grassroots on the SAA.

    So far though the Shinners do seem to be putting on a better show of unity in their upper ranks.

  • northsider

    Jim Allister is a career politician – like many in the unionist fold. He reminds me of John Taylor. He doesn’t care about Northern Ireland, or its people: he’s only interested in furthering his political career. In this respect, he is completely without decency or merit, he also talks like a robot. This is apt, considering the dull, mechanical way he goes about trying to accrue power among the fundamentalists and just plain mentalists of the DUP.

    I think Jim, in his lust for power and prestige, will bring the DUP down.

    Someone needs to take him to the side, tell him, he don’t look good, he talks funny, is up his own arse – and won’t get elected if he is ever cast out from under the Dupe umbrella.

    That’s my view on him anyway – as you can imagine, I don’t really respect him much. But sure, I think anyone who does should be sent to share a padded cell with Michael Stone. Make it a big cell mind, cos there’s loads more ready to join in. Maybe they could call it Ulster. Deck it out like the Assembly…

  • Smithsonian

    The vast majority of the Unionist community is behind the DUP in seeking an acceptable deal that meets Unionist requirements.

    The vast majority of the Unionisit community believes that all MLAs (the largest proportion of which are DUP) are self seeking con men who are just in it for the money. If there was no Assembly who would give any of them a job at the wages they are on.

    Where is this fair deal anyway?

  • dpef


    When you rant about money…

    It is important to point out once in a while that each and every SDLP/UUP/DUP MLA/MP/Cllr takes each and every penny gained in addition to any other jobs and keeps its.

    SF reps don’t. They are socialists.

    Others sinners do it for free. An unknown concept to our £50k+ and expenses absentee stoops.

  • dpef

    An easy one: Patricia Lewsley doesn’t run a constituitency office. On whom does she spend her allowances? She does claim them. No office.

  • McBurney

    I would hardly call Allister a career politician – if he was only worried about progressing his own career would he not have stayed silent and even supported the leadership’s stance? I mean, with rumours of dissatisfaction of the StAA between elected members been prominent for a while, surely he would’ve kept quiet and let the 12 MLAs speak out, thus furthering his own chances of promotion, whether that be through selection for a Ministry or to run for Westminster. It’s certainly obvious that’s what others are doing.

    Like him or loathe him, you must surely respect him for holding to his stance and not hypocritically thinking one thing and saying another. I think it’s quite clear that Jim Allister would rather have principles than positions.

  • Tiny

    T. Ruth, why when it comes to recent attempts to down play clear evidence of a split do you use Donaldson and Weir, never played word association?

  • the sparrow


    “Jim Allister is a career politician – like many in the unionist fold. He reminds me of John Taylor. He doesn’t care about Northern Ireland, or its people: he’s only interested in furthering his political career. ”

    What an outrageous statement. Do you not think Jim Allister could be earning much more money in his legal career as a member of the senior Northern Ireland legal Bar? And for a lot less time and effort?

    You really don’t have a clue. He is in his current role purely for the love of his province. If he so wished, he could leave politics at any moment and return to a much better paid and less stressful job.

    Consider his motives along those lines.

  • Rubicon

    Sparrow – a Euro MP’s job in Brussels fighting for a Protestant Ulster is relatively more stressful than Allister’s much better paid other career?

    Jesus – will you tell us what that job is – I presume it is open to fair recruitment?

  • Smithsonian

    Precisely my point and as for SF reps how they split the money is up to them. If they chose to share it with other colleagues it is there choice, but they still claim every last penny including a fair amount for going to Westminister which they don’t attend so don’t try and get all sanctimonius.

    Get out more, get a deal, start dealing with the real issues instead of just latching on to photo opportunities.

  • AllistersEyeWipe

    Mr Allister gets paid the same as a national elected rep (MP) but gets over £120K a year in office allowances.

    I doubt the one wee girl covers that. Or the already salaried rep in a multiple office.

    Eye wiped.

    He’s laughing at you as he makes a quarter million a year and gives the party nothing.

    Then destroys you.

  • joeCanuck

    C’mon folks.
    I’m not a DUP supporter but to impugn McAllister’s motives based on pure armchair theories is simply playing the man.
    Stop it.

  • horace rumpole

    1/4 million- JHM was making that and then some at the bar- and he doesn’t actually employ the family as staff, but has quite a few workers-sorry, you’ll need to find another motive

  • McBurney

    Not sure where AllisterEyeWipe is getting his figures from, all I know that is that he does employ quite a few staff, both here and in Europe to ensure he’s giving the best representation possible. Looking at the figures for Protestant applications and funding from Europe show how hard he and his staff are working on the ground to ensure Unionists now get their bit. And, as far as I know, DUP elected representatives also contribute part of their earnings centrally back into the party. But it’s so much easier to play the man and not even look at the facts, isn’t it?

  • I Wonder

    The facts are that if you get a well paid prominent job by virtue of being a member of a political party, you play by the rules of that party and don’t seek to undermine it and its leadership at crucial junctures.

    His potential of being a leader as reflected in a recent poll shows how ineffective this man actually is and how unrepresentative his views actually are. Want proof? wait until March 8th. That’s plenty of time for a few “quiet words” in his ear and a few suggestions as to what might happen if he doesn’t keep schtum…

  • Truth and Justice

    Interesting just watched the Assembly coming back to finish off from Friday, the DUP came into the chamber as a group and when McCartney spoke there was not one once of support coming from the DUP for his position!I think splits in the DUp are not as bad as some would like them to be!

  • insider


    SF MLAs or MPs don’t get a choice. It goes directly to the party who gives them a wage (after tax) which is the National Industrial Wage. The savings goes to employ others within the party structures.

    That’s how they employ such a phalanx of activists full time and part-time voluntary. It also explains why a collapse of Stormont would have such a dramatic impact on the party and perhaps why individuals can be relied upon to be loyal to the current course.

  • Paul P

    Mr Allister should realise that I like tens of thousands of other unionists voted for the DUP candidate and not him personally at the last European election.

  • Truth and Justice

    I think Mr Allister if he has his way will lead Unionism into the Sinn Fein trap of the Governments Plan B joint authority this guy needs to think ahead he does not even have an alternative!

  • T.Ruth

    Well Oh feathered friend. Mr.A. might well have the opportunity to return to his less stressful and better paid job when next he seeks to be renominated as MEP candidate. No one in the DUP could be happy at the prospect of “former” terrorists like Gerry and Martin and co in the Executive level of government-we can only blame our own government for inflicting that punishment on us.However devolved government under the STA’s proposals will give Unionists control over their own affairs. We need to get beyond the present position and Sinn Fein is holding us all back. Let them sign up to support the PSNI and lets get on with real political business that will quickly impact on the disadvantaged areas in Unionist and Nationalist areas. When we deliver positive benefits of good government people in Northern Ireland will show their ability to work together for the common good.