WiFi needed at Stormont…

The powers that be at the Assembly should take note of the plans at the Oireachtas to update and modernise facilities for the relatively small Dail chamber. Already TDs can been seen working on their lap tops during sessions, but any future expansion is likely to include “refurbishment of the existing chamber to increase its capacity and introduce modern information technology and other systems”. When the fun and games were happening at Stormont today, there wasn’t a sniff of a WiFi connection. With the copious technological backup of big media, it was just about the worst place for a blogger to get stuck on such a fascinating news day. Speed the day…


  • dpef

    Bloody bloggers!

    The place has had how many meetings over how many years? And you expect/demand WiFi.

    Here’s news, just because you were there today, doesn’t mean it needs WiFi.

    There has been nothing going on there for years and regardless of how inconvenienced you were for one day it certainly hasn’t created any sustainable WiFi installation case.

    I’m a blogger, hear me whinge? Get over yerself.

  • Rubicon

    No dpef – let’s not leave it here. The media have pretended to identify wasted public money and have even had a go at the lunch menu.

    So – who gave Stone a sense of notoriety? It surely wasn’t the media! Was it?

    In the morning we’ll be hearing of a new arts project that had the SF dead and prostrate. That the ‘independent’ loyalist violent stream broke ranks – well … that’s just not right – except … the UUP signed up with the PUP …

    The desire for a law abiding society was sold off by Reg. Even if you thought he’d a high motive – he achieved nothing. No – I undersell Reg – he mixed violent sectarian loyalism with the unionist cause. Tell me Reg didn’t. sure – isn’t he a grand fella. Sure, can’t you understand killing Catholics is necessary?

    There was a time that nationalists/’republicans’ were thought to be negotiating with guns under the table.

    The DUP now have a few worts that are happier without a Catholic about the place. The Rev can’t answer his bigots. They want to know why St. Andrews deserves a positive statement of intent when killing a Catholic used to be OK.

    Paisley has demanded sackcloth – has he had his tailors measure him up?

  • Rubicon

    Sorry folks – too many windows, not enough light and I posted on the wrong thread ;(

  • dpef

    Newsflash: Mick Fealty can’t get a WiFi connection in Omagh council small committee room when covering the bi-annual wheelie bin colouration committee meeting.

    Hold on while we employ someone to walk around with an telephone extension lead for you.

  • dpef

    Newsflash: Mick Fealty visits jungle. Demands WiFi from disorganised pygmies.

    Did I say, aye right, up yerself or what. WiFi for Stormont, why? Suiting you isn’t a reason.

  • dpef,

    Why? Because in the context of a democracy that is daily losing contact with its citizens, it is a notable systemic weakness.

    2 years ago there was no WiFi to speak of anywhere in Belfast. Now there’s a multiple choice of places. In Dublin, there are more. In London it is hard to find a spot that doesn’t connect you to at least one WiFi access point.

    Look, four or five years ago, under Speaker’s orders, journalists were not allowed into the cafe. Things change.

    As it stands journalists are forced to use big communicational infrastructures to get copy out, or do it in the old fashioned copy taking way.

    WiFi would put the Assembly in line with the new broadband, always on world of professional new media journalism, and engaged citizen bloggers.

  • Notbymight

    Ur absolutely right Mick, the computer and internet facilities in Stormont are woeful. Some party offices in Stormont are even using a dial up connection to get on to the internet. The IT staff are pretty fed up with it too but they say that like many other things they need to wait and hear if there Assembly is definitely going to happen before they can invest in a proper system.

  • Dpef: Get over yourself. A WLAN router costs, what, forty quid in Maplins.

  • Crataegus

    I can’t believe that there isn’t WiFi. Anyone in business who travels a lot knows this and the connectivity it gives is invaluable.

  • Rubicon

    WiFi is an excellent idea and once the Assembly has a business to spend more public money on I hope that is one of the things that will be done. While they’re at it – they can fix the mobile phone signal too – the place has more black spots than a witch’s arse!

  • P O’Neil

    WiFi is as easier to hack as a Brit Passport.

  • P O’Neil

    Should have said:

    Wifi is easier to hack than a Brit Passport.


  • Crataegus

    P O’Neil