The optimistic Secretary of State…

for Wales etc, Peter Hain has announced that “[He has] spoken to the Speaker this afternoon about convening an early session of the Assembly on Monday morning and the Programme for Government Committee will meet at midday.”Apparently, according to the NIO statement

He said: “The business of democracy will continue to ensure that we get the St Andrews Agreement implemented, with Sinn Fein signing up to policing and the rule of law as they’ve committed themselves to do, and at the same time the DUP committing itself to power-sharing in a devolved Government.”[added emphasis]

Riiight… good luck with that.. and the other, for that matter..

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  • heck

    If SF support the police can be have an oath to ensure that Hain and his civil servants support the courts?

  • Pete Baker
  • heck

    I like it pete

    Given that every minister in the NIO voted for the illegal war in Iraq (and the deaths of 650000) maybe we should have them commit to non violence before loyalists and republicans talk to them.

    Given honest Tony’s cash for peerages policy maybe the DUP can demand they give back their ill gotten gains.

    better still why not have Iran demand that Honest Tony’s government halt it nuclear ambitions and not replace trident.

    Maybe the family of Pat Finuciane can ask those investigating the death of Alexander Litvinenko to help.

    Why to people put up with this “do as I say not as I do” attitude from honest Tony and his gang?

  • Pete Baker

    Let’s keep the whataboutery to a minimum shall we? ;op

  • heck

    I know what you mean about whataboutery but what about…..

    anyway how else to I vent about British double standards?