Oh dear….

A piece of Irish Television history, courtesy of the indispensable TCAL.

  • Pete Baker

    Oh dear, indeed..

    Cut to commercial, deirdre!

    *ten minutes later*

    Ermmm.. sorry about that… ANYhoo…

  • Henry94

    It’s about time somebody said it.

  • British

    what was all that about?

  • Pete

    North and South, abrupt intrusions are spreading.

    Hilarious day I have had, what with watching lunatics entering and trying to run asylums.

    Thanks to Slugger for bringing this clip to my attention which completes the day for me.


  • Drink! Arse! Women! Shit! Father Jack is back.

  • Plum Duff

    It might have taken a few stumbles but he got the A-word out finally. Fair play to him. Truth comes in many guises.

  • roisin

    Pat Kenny did not handle the interview of the interjector very well. Probably an RTE/securocrat stunt to boost ratings.

  • dpef

    And as Stoner faces a twenty year stretch he thinks…god..if I’d only burst in to call them unsufferable arseholes without the bombs.

    Well done that man, most of Ireland has thought it about the LLS for decades.

    (it would be wrong to suggest an exchange?)

  • Henry94

    Man attacks long running boring farce

    On headline, Two stories.

  • I blame Gay Byrne. He’s to blame for it all. How dare they tell us the world isn’t flat.

  • Jeremy

    One of the posters on YouTube noted that as the man was talking about arseholes he missed an opportunity to include Brendan o’Connor in the debate.

  • Henry94


    He probably thought that went without saying.

  • Maitiú Ó Garmaile

    Brillant. Pat the west brit was well-shown there! Pity your man had to stumble throught the word but the ‘piece of shit’ bit was well-executed.

  • roisin

    The still look like Pat is giving him a blow job. Not much support here for Peter Pan. A comment on one of the Mick Stone mad threads mentioned the mad priests who busts up marathon races. A taxi driver told me that was the only good thing about the Olympics or at least the marathon. Pat on youtube has not got so many hits. Maybe he should give out a free blow job ?? to everyone in the virtual audience.

  • miss fitz

    Does anyone have any idea of what point this guy was trying to make?

  • Greenflag

    ‘Does anyone have any idea of what point this guy was trying to make?

    He was drunk to the gills -and that’s the point .

    Michael ‘papist killer’ Stone was not drunk . That’s also the point.

  • roisin

    Don’t attack drunks. Parity of esteem please. And you’d want to be drunk to want a blow job off Pat.

    Michael Stone Mad probably thought he was something. Ok, so he killed three people in Milltown. Few could name his victims off hand. He was a puppet, who objects to the puppet masters being inside while the puppets wither without the vine.
    Oh, for a Protestant, he seemed to be very fond of making babies. Life in jail is one form o contraception I suppose.

  • roisin

    Seems the securcrats are claiming Pat was not giving him a little service after all. Today’s hard line Sunday Independnet writes:
    THE enraged man who disrupted the Late Late Show on Friday night is obsessed with road safety…
    He was named by garda sources as Paul Stokes, from Monkstown in south Dublin, and it is understood that he has bombarded RTE for several months with more than 150 emails.

    He is trying to gain publicity for the “black box” technology he has invented. He claims this would eliminate all accidents and wanted to “sell” the idea for €5m. …Mr Stokes’s daughter Aoife is a Late Late Show reseacher. He said he was sorry for upsetting his daughter who was not talking to him, but he loved her very much.
    The paper goes on to say this fearless warrior against drink driving was drunk.
    150 emails. Poor RTE. I hope the dissidents are not using similar cheap virtual shots against those two lions of the GFA, Gerry and Martin.