A symbolic debate…

ON Let’s Talk tonight, Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen suggested (during a debate on British Airways banning staff openly wearing religious symbols) that Christians did not have to wear a crucifix to profess their Christianity. Rev McIlveen disagreed with the BA decision, but to I wonder how his congregation would react if his argument was applied to politics. Is it essential for unionists to openly display symbols to ‘prove’ they are British? It’s not a one-sided argument either, as republicans also demand ‘recognition’ regarding symbols, but at what point does ‘display’ or ‘pride’ become ‘offence’ or ‘taunting’ in Northern Ireland? Or is this really about the insecurity felt by those who invest so much in symbols?

  • Crataegus

    Symbols are a crutch for the weak, infirm and insecure.

  • Henry94

    The strong firm and secure should show a bit of understanding then shouldn’t you.

  • T.Ruth

    It is the case that during the debate the Rev. gentleman was wearing articles of clothing that indicated his own religious allegiance.I assume wearing a distinctive collar and clerical garb is optional in his church.
    However the point I want to make is that BA should now follow through by removing the national carrier flag from their aircraft. they did it before with catastrophic economic consequences. The flag is of course made up of a number of crosses.It would be entirely inconsistent of them not to have their aeroplanes appropriately liveried to avoid offence to non Christians. They might continue their stout defence of civil and religious liberty by refusing to fly to countries where civil and religious liberties are suppressed. Saudi Arabia and several other Muslim countries spring to mind.
    As for myself I will continue to avoid using British Airways-until the right of people they employ to wear a cross is restored.The BA spokesman on TV this morning failed completely to offer any valid justification for the steps BA has taken-he just dug a deeper and deeper hole for his anti-Christian company. I think that as a result of attitudes like BA has revealed in its actions we will witness in the United Kingdom in the coming years a great spiritual revolution and the growth of a pacifist movement to defend and promote Christian rights- This movement will prevent government from introducing legislation that supports and defends the most grotesque immorality and facilitates the murder of unborn children as a means of contraception and choice.
    Lest anyone be unclear as to what I would consider immorality let me cite as examples;
    1 The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;
    2 The failure to address genocide in Darfur.
    3 The continued encouragement of homosexuality
    4 Introducing legislation to legalise brothels thus treating the most vulnerable people in society as a commodity to be bought and sold.
    Only a return to government based on the great truths and principles of Christianity will enable the United Kingdom to resume a position of leadership in the world.