Tories say ‘no thank you’ to pack with UUs…

There have been rumours flying about for weeks that some in the Ulster Unionists were keen to get some kind of pact going with the Tories. It perhaps indicates a sense of vulnerability amongst the unionists, more than any especial confidence amongst Ulster Tories. But in any case the answer was a firm no. Jeffrey Peel the Chair of the Ulster Tories was brusque and to the point:

“We regret that the Ulster Unionists seem to want to keep the people of Northern Ireland isolated from real politics. In doing so they play into the hands of Irish nationalism and narrow-minded unionist nationalism.”


  • To be honest, I can’t exactly see what the Tories would gain from a pact with the UUP. So it’s surprising that this old chestnut still has legs to it. (Great mixed metaphor there.)

  • Nobody

    Looks like the UUs are a little worried about some competition.

    Its like the early 1990s, but they hold no strings to reverse the Conservatives position.

    I hope that the Tories run an effective campaign with the support of HQ.

  • Confused

    Danny says
    “It would be perverse for the Tories to act in a way that could see a Labour-leaning nationalist MP represent Conservative and unionist voters in Westminster if, for example, the Conservatives were to split the vote in South Belfast.”

    If we are to follow Danny’s logic will the UUP be withdrawing the UUP Whip from the Labour-leaning (falling over backwards to please Tony) Sylvia Hermon?

    Only then can the Tories take this offer seriously

  • slug

    Will the tories shred the vote or bring out new voters. Probably both? Will they get the breakthrough this time? Depends on Tory HQ I think. But the UUs would be the losers if they did get any seats. If not then it might help the UUs if they get transfers from voters brought out.

  • Julian Robertson

    I’m afraid (or is that delighted?) this shows how the UUP are all over the place at the moment when the deputy leader can seriously start to accuse us of the crime of potentially letting in a labour leaning MP in South Belfast when they have a full blown labour supporter in Sylvia. Noone reading this site should be under any illusion of any regard/loyalty/latent support for Sylvia amongst Conservative MPs – they want her out. When I read this nonesense from the UUP I just had to laugh and re read to make sure i’d got it right.

    As to the rumours of some in the UUP wanting to reestablish links, yes, I believe that to be true. However, they have missed the boat by a few years as 1) they are not actually Conservatives (ref Sylvia) 2) they have actually nothing to offer 3) Cameron is not weighed down with any baggage about having to support another party – he wants his party to succeed. End of.

    Judging by some of the very highly personalised attacks and vitriolic comments by one or two UUP figures against some of my colleagues, some are rattled. They have a major problem with the fact that a party which wishes to govern their country may actually wish to be active in “their” patch. All the more unrealistic when their sole MP supports Labour and has expressed publicly her dislike of the Conservatives. Perhaps they should explain what it is exactly the UUP stands for and why on eartth any Conservative should have sympathy for them?

    Some, I think, do not yet realise the difficulty they may face in reversing their recent decline (look at the Conservatives when Blair first won as a case in point) and the fact they do not carry as much clout as they used to.

  • Bob Wilson

    Watchman this old chestnut has no legs
    Any Conservative supporters in the UUP should just do the honourable thing and defect.

    BTW if Danny is worried about vote splitting can he tell us in which seats the UUP will not be standing?

  • crataegus

    RE 3 above why should the Tories stand aside in South Belfast, why not the UUP or DUP asame logic.

    I hope the Conservatives take the election here seriously and do well. They would be better placed to take the Alliance seat in N Down than say the Greens despite their councillor, but they need to be seen as a serious credible party and not just a local hybrid.

  • AndrewD

    Julian Robertson,

    You say: “Cameron is not weighed down with any baggage about having to support another party – he wants his party to succeed. End of.

    I am confused as to whether Conservative Party HQ is actually committmented to succeeding in NI.

    Cameron has made somewhat mixed statements on the issue.

    The position of any mainland political party getting involved in NI has been somewhat lookwarm in the past.

    No mainland political party wants to get ‘too involved’ in NI politics because if they form a Government in GB they have to be the ‘brokers’ of any deal/resolution to the stalemate and not be one of the key ‘deal makers’.

    The Conservative Party states that it favours the Union, therefore they would constitute being a ‘Unionist’ party.

    I would be interested in knowing how committed Conservative Party HQ is to organising and backing any future candidates here on a national ticket? Is the party Belfast led or London led?

  • Ian

    Trimble had a pop at the Tories yesterday in the Lords, for their apparent policy that if they ever get any MLA(s) elected they would declare as ‘Other’ and not ‘Unionist’.

    Is that the NI Tories’ official policy Julian?

  • Julian Robertson


    The simple answer to your question is yes.

    The Conservative Party has woken up and realised it has to garner support from and be succesful in all 4 parts of the UK. Cameron is on record as stating he wants NI to play its full part, our chairman Francis Maude is too, the Shadow of State David Lidington ditto.

    Just because things have been one way in the past does not mean they have to stay that way – politics is (or at least should be) ever evolving. Don’t get bogged down in the stereotypical language and assumptions – challenge the status quo!

    Candidates have been backed on an ational tiocket before and will be in the future. All Conservative candidates in generla election work to teh same aim – a Cameron victory.

  • Elvis Parker

    ‘Cameron has made somewhat mixed statements on the issue.’

    No he hasnt!

  • Julian Robertson

    Trimble can have as many pops as he likes.

    Our position was in objection to sectarianism being embedded in the institutions – a position made clear in our election leaflet. Perhaps Trimble is happy for this offical endorsement of balkanisation? It doesn’t bode well for the future or actually living together here.

    You should also note last time round a party could change its designation (as did Alliance) which caused uproar but underlined the stupidity of the whole thing – would you not agree?

    We’ll keep our powder dry for next time though interesting to note the rules have changed – once designated, always designated so sectariaism alive and well then.

    Please note the main point though. Anyone who tries to betray the Conservative Party as not supporting the union of the whole UK ( are you setting me up for this accusation Ian??) is just being preposterous.

    The question facing all pro-union British political parties is not whether a union but how that union holds together. Devolution is in pace outside England, the Lords are stripped away, nationalaism remains a potent force here and in Wales & Scotland, the English are getting fed up with paying for everyone else and the EU wants to turn us all into a Europe of regions with all power in Brussels.

    I feel the dinosaurs yelling “we’re more unionist than you” or some variation of same aren’t actually contributing to how that union should develop and actually be cherished by those in it.

    i’ve goen off on a tangent a bit but there you go.

  • Bob wilson

    Ian – Lord Trimble may have to stop taking pops at the Tories soon.

    As Julian explains we are opposed to designation for the reasons he outlines.

    David Lidington made reference to this in his speech:

    Fourthly, I want to question the Government on their time scale for moving towards what I would term normal politics. I accept that in the circumstances of Northern Ireland the system of designating Assembly Members Unionist or nationalist, and the complex rules for cross-community voting, are necessary; but I hope that that will not always be the case.

    When I have talked to politicians in Northern Ireland, I have met members of both the Democratic Unionist party and the Ulster Unionist party whose views on questions of economic policy and general political philosophy would be pretty close to mine, and others whose outlook would be much closer to that of the Secretary of State and the Labour party. I expect the Secretary of State has found the same. At the risk of horrifying the hon. Member for Foyle (Mark Durkan), I will add that I have met members of the SDLP whom in England I would welcome to the Conservative party, and who I think would feel very much at home there. I hope, however, that in a stable, devolved settlement in Northern Ireland, politics will be about health, jobs, schools and the environment, and no longer about deadlines, the operation of committees and the internal rules of devolved institutions. Do we really have to wait until 2015 for any review of the current arrangements, as clause 11 envisages? Should it not be possible to bring the date forward if devolution is clearly settled, enduring and working well?

  • Dr Strangelove

    Julian – “The simple answer to your question is yes.”

    I am looking forward then to seeing how many non Unionist MLAs the NI Tories have returned at the next election.

    AndrewD – Is the “mainland” a political entity ? I think you will find we are subjects of the government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so how about you get off your knees and show a bit of respect for Northen Ireland and its inhabitants.

  • Ian


    Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t accusing you of anything, nor trying to trip me up. I was simply reporting something Trimble had said in the Lords (see quote below), and was interested in whether it was true or not. You appear to have answered my query in your statement “We’ll keep our powder dry for next time”, i.e. “we don’t have a policy”, which I suppose is consistent with their wider lack of policies on the national scale!

    “I have to mention parenthetically a small party that I hope is unlikely to be elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly. It is behaving very eccentrically. I am talking about the Conservative Party, whose leaders in Northern Ireland have declared that they would not designate themselves unionists if they were elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly. It is incredible that a party that was formerly the Conservative and Unionist Party officially announces that it refuses to be identified as unionist. I hope that those who represent that party here will find some way of reflecting to their members in Northern Ireland that they should try to pay some regard to the basic principles, their heritage and what is really at the very heart of conservatism. I am greatly encouraged by the response that I have just had to that in the Chamber.”

  • AndrewD


    I don’t dispute Cameron’s support to Conservatives organising in NI, as it’s not as if he’s said ‘no’ to it.

    My reading from it is that he has mixed views on it.

    I don’t think that he offers a clear assurance and committment to politics in Northern Ireland on a personal level.

    Will we see him personally campaigning here in any future election(s)? Making statements is one thing, but putting them into practice is another.

    He sees himself as a future Prime Minister who may be required to bring a resolution to an old problem.

    Dr Strangelove,

    We are all one in this United Kingdom, whether we live on GB, i.e. Scotland, England & Wales or in Northern Ireland. However I acknowledge that some will dispute this.

    NI Tories offer a separate party identity. They have been on the sidelines for decades without clear support from Westminster; but maybe that will change. It will be interesting to see if it does.

    I think that any election in 2007 will be a referendum on the St. Andrews Agreement and therefore fought between Northern Irish Parties as issues in the province have been for decades.

  • Ulster Tory

    Methinks Lord Trimble protests too much?
    He knows fine rightly we are Pro Union and he knows the designation system entrenches sectarianism.
    Why is Trimble so interested in this? Does he want to run as a Conservative candidate?
    It is the only logical reason as to why he would be interested.
    I think we should be told.

  • ian


    I suppose I wasn’t technically accurate in my interpretation of what Trimble claimed about your stance. He said you “declared you would not designate as Unioinst” as opposed to my initial post claiming he’d said you were going to designate as Other. But I suspect it’s effectively the same thing – if an MLA refused to designate as anything, I presume they would become an Other by default?

    These security words (the word you need to replicate in order to submit a post) are getting more and more apposite – for this post it’s ‘direct93’ – will direct rule last till 2093?!?

  • Porlock

    Julian and Bob,

    Guys, I wouldn’t get too precious on this matter just yet.

    There is movement in the undergrowth which neither you nor Danny Kennedy appear to be aware of.

    But it is another little sign that the UUP, four months before an election, is getting very worried.


  • Bob wilson

    ‘My reading from it is that he has mixed views on it.’
    You read it wrongly – did you read the interviews with him in the Belfast Telegraph and Neswletter when he visited recently? They were unequivocal.

    ‘Will we see him personally campaigning here in any future election(s)? Making statements is one thing, but putting them into practice is another.’

    He addressed over 100 members in Belfast recently and committed himself to campaigning in the Assembly elections.

    I take it you need to see the nailholes in his hands Thomas?

  • Bob Wilson

    Oh Porlock do tell. Feel free to email me.
    Personally I tend to avoid the undergrowth.

    The UUP should be afraid – very afraid

  • Frustrated Democrat

    The Conservatives will organise in Northern Ireland in all future elections, however they are desparately short of credible candidates to put forward.

    I believe in ten years they will start to make serious inroads into the political scene here and they have to start from somewhere.

    As Bob Wison said Cameron has committed to campaiging in the Assembly election if it is held.

    As a last point the Unionist / Nationalist tags are sectarian by design and so the Conservatives should not get involved in them. However they are a unionist party for all of the UK and have no fear of making that known to everyone, Cameron is a devoted unionist for all four countries in the UK.

    They have my vote!

  • Ulster Tory

    “I must agree that it is undesirable and that dividing or, at least, entrenching communal divisions, is not the way to overcome them. I understand that.”
    He then goes on to hope that Conservatives do not get elected to the Assembly and criticises them for not designating last time.
    How to win friends and influence the David Trimble way.
    Eccentric soul

  • Looks like the UUs are a little worried about some competition.

    Ha, mes doubt it. Last H&M poll left the Tories at 0.5%, up 0.1%. So whats that… 700 votes?

    Hmmm competition indeed.

  • interested

    “Ha, mes doubt it. Last H&M poll left the Tories at 0.5%, up 0.1%. So whats that… 700 votes?”

    When UUP support is falling as it is 700 votes soon starts to become very significant……

  • When UUP support is falling as it is…

    Actually the poll showed the Party remained on the exact same vote as it did in last years General Election…

    Tis ironic that your name is interested@facts, shame people don’t always follow their name…

  • Julian Robertson


    the yes you referred to earlier is a direct response to the question of whether Conservative HQ wants success here.

  • Ballyclare Boy

    MMm…. strikes me that Danny Kennedy and Lord Trimble have been strike by Young Unionist disease. This manifests itself in an inability to say anything about your own Party and an apparently unstoppable urge to talk about the Conservatives.

  • A PR-STV election makes it fairly easy for any party to win seats even if it has relatively localised support (see UKUP in 98). That being the case, I’d be amazed if there are any Tories in the next Assembly – they are just too weak. North Down is their only remotely conceivable prospect, and unless Julian Robertson’s vote doubles over and over again from 2005 it isn’t going to happen. Without Assembly representation, there is no prospect of significant growth.

    The UUs used to be moderately concerned about the Tories around 1989-90. But in their weakened condition, so what if they lose a few votes here and there in Greater Belfast? The DUP is still miles ahead, for the moment, and might even welcome the Tories peeling off (forgive the pun on Jeffrey Peel) a few UU types.

  • Kloot

    I live in the ROI, but as one of the very few who follows NI politics, Im amazed at whats unfolding here.

    Where is the leadership in Unionism at what is probably the most important time, constitutionally for NI since its inception. Its quite unbelievable that Unionist politicians are throwing as many, if not more, insults and jibes at fellow Unionists then at their so called enemy, Sinn Fein.

    Its seems that political success and personality is taking precedence over the issue at hand, namely Unionist desire to preserve and strengthen the Union. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    Am I being very naive in thinking that Unionism could have formed some sort of pan unionist front to counter the pan nationalist front.

    In ways its similar to the split in republicanism in the 1920s over the treaty. Each side accusing the other of selling Ireland down the drain.

    Surely an active conservative party can only lead to a further fractioning of unionist politics, despite the forward thinking comments from Julian and other conservatives.

    Dont get me wrong, im nationalist at heart, but new age, not old age. Id rather an agreement hammered out with a strong unionist body politic then a fractured one. The former being more likely to succeed.

  • Kingbean

    “The UUP should be afraid – very afraid”

    I’m quite sure Reg is shaking in his boots, a party where Peter Bowles is the only elected representative yet he still takes the Ulster Unionist whip in his Council….

    Which brings on another dig, the apparently hostility to the UUP from the Tories doesn’t extend to their only elected rep crawling back to the UUP to get guidance on how to vote in Council.

    Ur an impressive lot right enough.

  • wednesdayschild

    Such hostility against David Trimble, guess it hurts that he refused to join the Tories despite much begging from what I hear!

  • dpef

    ‘As Bob Wison said Cameron has committed to campaiging in the Assembly election if it is held.’

    Just as he was committed to pulling his party out of the EPP/ED in Europe and then backtracked?

    Which incidently could be one of the reasons a pact door is being held open, the hope of attracting Jim Nicholson into any new group they may or may not form at some undefined point in the future.

  • Confused

    ‘Such hostility against David Trimble, guess it hurts that he refused to join the Tories despite much begging from what I hear!’

    Other way round from what I hear in the undergrowth Trimble, Rogan and Kilclooney have been trying to get into the Tories

    Which leads us back to the original point – why did Danny Kennedy make this offer?

  • Julian Robertson

    Ballyclare Boy

    Well said, strikes me too. Even though we might not be about to storm the ramparts of Cunningham House there must be a certain fear of the longer term.


    I know you probably won’t believe me no matter what I say but for anyone prepared to have the easy assumptions challenged, I’ll say it anyway.
    1) I think you hear wrong 2) Believe me, not hurt if true anyway.

    Kloot et al

    What sparked this off were three main points in the comments of the deputy leader of the UUP.

    1) The assumption that the UUP have much left to offer David Cameron in return for asking us to withdraw from elections in Northern Ireland

    2) The hypocrisy of a)potentially blaming us for allowing a “Labour leaning” MP to win by splitting the unionist vote when it is the UUP who are 2,000 votes behind the DUP in S Belfats and perhaps they should withdraw to allow the DUP a clear run and b) they have a full blown Labour supporting MP in North Down who has professed her dislike of the Conservatives.

    3) In my view, the gall in asking a party which aspires to form the government of the country not to run in “their” patch of the UK. Its called democracy.

    Hardly the basis for a constructive proposal.

    The irony is of course that some of those who are most vitriolic about the Conservatives here are most interested in how they do in GB. The vitriol does fly sometimes as noted in some comments above – however in NI you sometimes measure the impact you are having by level of said vitriol! Politics does have the opportunity to change in NI and that challenges those interested in keeping the status quo.

  • John East Belfast

    I dont think any kind of alliance would do either Party any favours and I would be against it.
    If mainstream GB politics are to make a foothold here it does not want to be associated with any unionist party.

    At the same time the UUP is not just about Daily Mail readers upwards on social policy.

    Any business succes I currently enjoy comes from the reforms of 1980s Thatcherism but I have never forgotten my roots and the movements that ensured I got an education and decent health care.

    I grew up in an East Belfast two up two down the child of shipyard worker.

    The Union and Labour movements ensured I got a leg up – not the Tories.

    At our East Belfast Constituency meetings we have the leafy suburbs and the Lower Newtownards Road. We also have one very vociferous Socialist and long standing member of the union movement – and no lover of the Royal Family from what I can gather.

    We hear complaints about the Rates as well as stories about terrible housing conditions in the housing estates.
    We learn about the paramilitaries and their influences and the raft of social problems facing the Protestant working class.

    Lets face it the NI Tories would not have the first idea how to deal with such people.

    I used to think that such diversity was a weakness but now I am not so sure.
    It leads to a broad consensus and ensures a liberal unionism where the objectives of every class of unionism has to be heeded and respected.

    Being an Ulster Unionist enables you to reach out to as broad a spectrum of our people as you can imagine.
    The NI Tories would not have a clue or even the inclination to serve the unioinst working class. It would actually divide our country more.

    If you want an egalitarian party that represents a broad spectrum of liberal minded Pro British people (or those content with the status quo) you will be hard pressed in NI to find a better grouping than the UUP.

    There is also the matter that I am still not convinced the GB Tories could be trusted to safe guard the Union.

  • Ex UUP now non voting

    ‘Lets face it the NI Tories would not have the first idea how to deal with such people.’
    Patronising idiot – the way the DUP has shafted the UUP in recent years suggests the UUP aint so hot mate

    ‘Being an Ulster Unionist enables you to reach out to as broad a spectrum of our people’ – where ‘our people’ are Protestants of course

    Mmm thanks John a nice guide to how the UUP are in fact an anti-British party.

    ‘not convinced the GB Tories could be trusted to safe guard the Union.’ and your answer is to retreat into Protestant parochialism!
    Chinless wonder

  • Peter Bowles

    As a point of clarification, I do not take the UUP whip on Down District Council and am very much independent of all parties on the council.

  • Bob Wilson

    If this blog is anything to go by then I dont the the UUP Deputy Leader’s propsal has much support!

    Bob Little has a good contribution on the NI Tory blog

  • Frustrated Democrat

    John East Belfast

    ‘Lets face it the NI Tories would not have the first idea how to deal with such people.’

    What a load of condescending crap – do you think all NI Tories were born with a silver spoon? –

    This Tory wasn’t.

    I’m not getting into a contest over poverty but times were grim for many in the 50’s and 60’s in Northern Ireland from both sides of the community.

  • John East Belfast

    Ex whatever… & Frustrated Democrat

    I obvioulsy touched a rare nerve with you there – Ex you look like you need some kind of inner healing which I recommend you have seen to. You are long on insults but short on argument.

    I am simply pointing out to you that the reason GB Toryism has been in the doldrums in recent years in GB is because it cannot reach as broad a spectrum of people as unionism (or nationalism) can – it does not appeal to the English working class and indeed has been positively rejected by everyone in Scotland and Wales.

    Therefore you think it can be parachuted into NI basically because the people want to reject all those horrid sectarian politicians ?

    Anyhow who says that politics divided on whatever hand life has dealt you to make a success in this world is more superior to one based on tribalism ?
    Especially where the representatives of each tribe not only have to reach a broad spectrum of its own tribe but also sit down and reach accommodation with the other one.

    I would rather be called the Liberal & Unionist Party which is closer to the truth

    I would like to see how NI Tories think they could be positive for NI rather than stating they are superior because they are mainland politics think they are not sectarian.

    And I am not a protestant nationalist – if I refer to Protestants in my constituency I am only pointing out the reality on the ground in this place – a reality NI Tories should wake up to rather than kite flying.

  • Thomas Hogg

    Though you might find it interesting that Rebecca Black has admitted to trolling on this blog…

    “Rebecca Black Those Tories on slugger are so cocky and detached from reality!! I just had a few digs at them under a different names. Looking forward to them getting their asses kicked in march”

  • Crataegus

    If I were a Tory in N Down I would spend less time blogging and get out round the doors. If you want to win thats where the votes are.

  • Rebecca Black

    Really? What exactly is bebo and what exactly are you talking about?

  • Thomas Hogg


    Don’t try the naive, innocent little girl act Rebecca!

    Just admit what you have been up to, apologise and move on.

  • Thomas Hogg

    Poor Rebecca.

    You really have got in an awful state over being exposed as a troller!

    She has even went to the extent of deleting her profile ( and therefore all comments made).

    Lucky I anticipated this move and have printed of the evidence. I also have a very pleasant(not) email from FYU which alludes further to your clandestine practises!

    tut tut tut

  • inuit_goddess

    Quelle horreur!

    This surely must be the first time ever that anybody has posted here under different pseudonyms!!

  • inuit_goddess

    On a more serious note, I think John’s eloquent post above gets to the heart of the matter – the UUP is not an Ulster Tory party, it is a much broader coalition of people, from all walks of life.

    Economically the Party is much closer to the centre ground, and has its roots just as much in the estates as in the leafy lanes. It’s closer to a Northern Ireland version of the Canadian liberals, or Fianna Fail – a big tent party of the centre.

    Or, as the new slogan has it, a Party “For All of Us”.

  • horace rumpole

    looking at the bebo thread it seems clear that the reason the UUP was so soft on decommissioning was because it had its own paramilitary wing- the NuYUs!

    And as for Little Bob’s anti-Sylvia pop on their blog…er, wasn’t he one of the stormtroopers for La Hermon’s brand of weak as water Unionism a couple of years ago?

    JohnEB’s touching vignette of meetings in the Brookeborough Hall probably wisely omits the details that most of the members are over 60, and those that aren’t are either wives or weans of elected representatives, and the working class element is still very small- much smaller even than in my time when HRH Dorothy Dunlop ruled the waves, and the sun never set on our man from the colonies Dixie Gilmore… ah, memories. Oh, and of course, it was about 5 times bigger then too

  • Frustrated Democrat


    I think mainland parties have the power to do things which given the last few weeks the parties here haven’t.

    Also they don’t have the baggage of the current parties here which are basically a sectarian head count from the more rabid to the less rabid and those who don’t know how to be rabid about anything(Alliance).

    I only want a common application of laws and standards throughout the UK, nothing special for NI.

  • Percival

    Excellent work Thomas.

  • AndrewD


    I’ll believe it when I see it!

    You may be reading such statements correctly, but then I’d expect you to read them in that way as a Tory activist.

    Cameron will look after Cameron.

    It reminds me of John Major’s input in the early 1990s and supposed support of the local Conservative party.

    If the Tories can make gains in NI, well done to them; but I think that most Unionists will back an ‘Ulster’ party to fight Unionisms cause. It has always been that way in NI’s history.

    I refer to the Unionist community as it is them whom the Conservatives are speaking too, being pro-British. You will find most Nationalists not supporting the Tories at this time.

    Tory success will not happen until there is political stability in this province, i.e. we see an end to calls for a UI and continuous arguments over the future of NI. A future may lie in their domestic policy and outreach to those who are apathetic.

    I personally wish them all the best.

  • Truth and Justice

    It is quite clear the UUP are desperate for votes and are now trying to do a pack with the Conservatives, they were sensible enough to say no im sure they dont want to join the UUP/UVF packed that went wrong in the Assembly!

  • the sparrow

    Ms Black really musn’t have any shame!

    And all this from someone whom, it has been claimed, is considering putting her name forward as an MLA in March!

    Hilarious entertainment from the YU once again.

  • Smithsonian

    Truth & Justice
    I thought you were UUP just temporarily supporting the DUP because you think the SFA was better than BA? Are you full time DUP now?