Spook wanted for Greater Belfast?

Victoria O’Hara with news that MI5 are looking for an English Language Monitor for its new team in Northern Ireland. If you are interested, you can apply here. Perhaps unsurprisingly, British citizens only may apply!

  • smcgiff

    ‘you will be in a front line intelligence post,’

    So front line intelligence work gets paid £22,300 pa after Shift work! I’d feel very safe if I were ye!

    ‘Your concentration will be put to the toughest test, as there may be a combination of periods of high pressure and inactivity during the investigation on which you are working.’

    You’ll be bored out of your Gourd, but Sluggerotoole is your friend.

    ‘Your application may take around 8 months to process.’ Well we are a public company, so what would you expect.

    ‘We are not currently recruiting for this position.’ But we are really, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Your PC will self destruct five seconds after reading this page.

  • Both Jackie McDonald and Frankie Gallagher were considering applying, however, they thought the sum of £22,000.00 was the weekly pay.

  • Martin Ingram anybody?

  • joeCanuck

    I suspect that Marty is already on the payroll as spreader-in-chief of disinformation.
    On the other hand it is not uncommon for people here to try to do two (sometimes 3) jobs.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Is there any kind of a bonus package if you’re a SF member? Or are they oversubscribed in that area?

  • ingram


    Martin Ingram anybody?

    Ingram was earning 25K back in 91 when he left the MOD.

    The devil in these jobs is not the basic.With the ” Extras” you can easily double the basic with some very nice tax free extras.Nudge wink.

    Quote Tochais “Is there any kind of a bonus package if you’re a SF member? Or are they oversubscribed in that area

    Do not worry those lads are well paid. The job has been secure, long term and well paid. A large “bonus” is shortly to be paid when the final rubicon is passed, the sheep still dont smell the coffee in the morning.LOL.


    Then retirement cos its all down hill after that. LOL


    Take a look at the new look Blog, well worth a peep, its also free lads and unlike Sinn Fein`s is not HMG regulated.


  • Cato

    This job was first posted on the MI5 website quite a few weeks ago and reported on the television news yesterday.
    Victoria O’Hara clearly doesn’t bother with original investigative journalism but instead watches the television news and then writes up what she saw there the next day.
    The Belfast Telegraph is becoming one of the worst daily newspapers in the UK. It was bad under Ed but it’s getting fucking terrible under this new chap.