Hardline unionists blamed for mock Paisley-McGuinness leaflet

Bemused residents in Antrim have been receiving leaflets complete with a mock illustration of the photo which must be haunting the DUP leadership at present: namely, DUP leader Ian Paisley alongside co-office holder in the OFM/DFM, Martin McGuinness.

Hardline unionists are being blamed for distributing the ‘spook leaflets,’ in which the two MPs appear with their party logos between a banner headline proclaiming the ‘Unholy Alliance.’ Accompanying the leaflet is a copy of the DUP consultation document on the St Andrew’s deal with red writing throughout highlighting the perceived inadequacies of the deal from a unionist perspective.

The story is carried in this week’s Antrim Guardian newspaper (though not online), and includes a quote from the DUP MP for the area, Rev Willie McCrea.

McCrea reiterates the DUP stance that the deal is simply an agreement between the two governments, but continues by stating:

“Sinn Fein are going around telling their supporters that policing and justice powers will be transferred by 2008. If they are holding their breath for that, they will be holding it until they not only go red but until they choke because the unionist people of northern Ireland have no stomach for the handing over of those powers for a long time.”