Hello, back and thanks

Just back from my week-end. Thanks to all those who offered their good wishes to my new wife and I. My thanks to those who persevered through all six parts of the article that appeared in my absence. I have made responses where I thought appropriate in each of the relevant threads.

  • Dare Feel

    Thanks for your response to my enquiry about your weekend but i think you’re being a little evasive.

    May put an FOI request into slugger to find out what went on!!!

    Anyway your 6 part “thriller” was a curates egg.

  • overhere

    FD glad you had a great time away.

    Oh and seeing as no on else is mentioning it Well done to the Irish team on Sunday, beating Australia and moving to third in the world rankings

  • joeCanuck

    Fair Deal

    Isn’t a qualified no in essence the same as a qualified yes?
    The first means “no” unless such and such happens. The second means “yes”, but only if such and such happens.
    Same as the old glass half full or half empty.

  • I didn’t know that you got married FD, is it congratulations or commiserations that are in order? 😉

  • Dare Feel

    would imagine the commiserations would be in order for Mrs FD…………short straw and all that.

  • bollix

    congratulations on your marriage. Marriage after all is much more important than a whole load of political codswallop.

  • fair_deal


    “Isn’t a qualified no in essence the same as a qualified yes?… Same as the old glass half full or half empty.”

    You mean you didn’t read the conclusion? I consider the class 40% full and if topped up to 50% I will shift to a yes.


    Congratulations for myself and commiserations for my wife, like most men I married above myself.