Osbourne: dealing with web scurrilousness…

Of course, with the democratisation of the old ‘information is power’ adage, there is a dark side. Endless sources of ‘knowledge’ create difficulties that the regulated mainstream media have managed through regulation and ultimately, the law. The sheer multiplicity of the new online networks make it difficult to impose such regulation. George Osbourne reckons the media is still sleeping.

This is profoundly liberating. But it also brings dangers. For not all information is equal. Some is wrong, some is malicious, some is dangerous.

The traditional media, operating sometimes uneasily within a rule of law, acted as a filter. That filter has gone.

Is it right that everyone can access sites that tell you how to commit suicide? Is it right that libellous rumour can be flashed across the world by an obscure website based abroad that leaves its victim with no recourse? Even if it is wrong, what can we or should we do about it?

The media is waking up to the democratisation of information, but the government – particularly in this country – is still fast asleep.

I recall Tony Benn at a Hansard Society seminar in Westminster a couple of years back singing the praises of online diarists, when he paraphrased Mark Twain’s famous line: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”. He argued that blogs provide the best way to deal with it is to ‘get your boots on and get after it”.

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  • D’Oracle

    George Osborne regularly says interesting things but this “dangerous information” thing is well dodgy. Dangerous to whom and why? Any chance it might me because its democratised and – for all his insight, that he cant ‘get his boots on’ fast enough to handle that.

    The existence of suicide how-to websites is not a good argument to mess about with mass access to websites unless Mr. O. expects us to believe that anyone who wants to end their lives do not or would not know how know how. Suicide ‘s been about long before the net.