Open competition for New Parades Commissioner…

While the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain, continues to study that High Court judgement, he’s announced that there is to be an “open competition” [a novelty for all concerned – Ed] for the vacant position on the Parades Commsision created by the resignation of Donald MacKay in May – Application forms available here. Whether there have been any lessons learned from the previous appointments procedure is not yet known.. Of course the Appeal Court’s decision on those appointments is still to be reviewed in the House of Lords…

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  • Ian

    I wonder if Briedge Gadd (columnist for the Irish News) will reapply, in light of her experience in applying last time round. See the following article, which is quite illuminating and pertinent given the current controversy surrounding the appointment of the Interim Victims Commissioner and the appeal against Parades Commission appointments going all the way to the Lords:


  • Ian

    Got there in the end!

  • Ian

    Anyway, I was going to say that from what emerged about Don McKay’s application complete with dodgy references and littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes, it seems a bit dodgy that Briedge wasn’t even shortlisted (her articles seem quite lucid and are reconciliatory in tone – she’s no raving republican).

    Could it be because more checks and balances are in place for the appointment procedure post-shortlisting, and therefore her application had to be stopped at the first stage of the process because otherwise the NIO might have ended up having to appoint her, instead of one of the Orange Order shoe-ins, because of that pesky merit principle?

  • Ian

    Sorry to be a pest but whoever ‘fixed’ my link for me, there are on too many http:’s at the start of the URL so it doesn’t work.

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  • mark

    ‘The voice of women so far absent from the commission was much missed and much needed.

    In addition I have extensive and varied experience in top management and public board roles; I know and understand legislation and the role of courts

    Seems like a usual quango application. She didn’t mention concerns over the actual issue (big failing for an applicant) and those it affects. Too many get appointed to quangos because they tick a gender/community boxes, have previous quango experience but no desire to demonstrate suitability.

    Maybe if she had emphasised her concern over the issue rather than sex?

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  • andy

    The normal procedure would be to compare the examples she gave in response to the various questions to competences they had pre-determined and defined as part of the person specification.
    Although talking about the actual issue would have helped, you would hope.