The Glens of Antrim are definitely worth a visit, but..

The Observer’s Belfast-born Ireland editor Henry McDonald, moonlighting on the Guardian’s Travelog, points out some highights for prospective visitors to Northern Ireland following the Lonely Planet’s free advertisement praise, and other recent mentions. He also points out some places to avoid…From the Guardian’s Travelog

Outside Belfast, though, options for tourists are limited. The Glens of Antrim are definitely worth a visit, particularly the Glenariffe waterfall and Cushdendun. The latter is a quaint little seaside village with a view of Scotland on a clear day. Homages to the Mountains of Mourne from songsters such as Percy French are not exaggerated. The landscape of south Down is stunning, as are the Fermanagh Lakes and their main town, Enniskillen, one of the livelier and more interesting rural centres of Northern Ireland with a thriving nightlife.

Places to avoid include almost all of Co Tyrone, which has so many non-descript, grim one-horse towns you can hear the collective hooves clop from across the border in Donegal. I have found next to nothing to see or visit in that county. Ditto for most of Co Derry, although Derry (or Londonderry, depending on which side you take in the ongoing naming dispute) is a place on the up.

Disclosure: as a resident in one of those Counties I would say that.. he’s not entirely wrong..