Threat to SF leaders from disaffected IRA members?

An interesting report from RTÉ’s Northern Editor, Tommie Gorman [RealPlayer video] notes that “Senior figures in Sinn Féin, including Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Kelly, have stepped up their security in recent weeks for fear that an attempt may be made to kill them.” It seems to be in response to their own assesment of the threat posed by “disaffected IRA members” linking up with dissident republican groups.
From the report’s accompanying text

RTÉ News understands that the party’s leadership believes that a number of disaffected IRA members have established contact with dissident republicans and that they are opposed to any change in Sinn Féin’s policy on policing.

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  • Geriatric

    It’s a con. OOOh look how hard we are trying-they whinge, when really everybody knows policing is already a done deal.

  • mark

    mmm…those at Michael Ferguson’s commemoration function last night may be a bit sceptical over claims that Gerry Kelly (or anyone else) has increased their security.

    Jumping into that taxi he didn’t seem too conscious of security.

    But hey Pete for some reason when the story can be used against SF your normal self proclaimed cynicism evaporates and you present it without the *sighs* pffttts etc.

  • Blefescu

    Could be proven wrong (hope not) but sceptical about this report and wouldn’t be the first time RTE sold a bill of goods. SF are masters in dominating the media, they realise that a lot of their punters out there just vote for who they see on the box.

    Policing is a done deal, but Adams & Co will milk “will they, won’t they?” in the coming weeks and months for all it’s worth. They’re playing their supporters and Hain like an old banjo. Bertie could be a bit of a tougher proposition in the run up to a June Dail election, though.

  • aquifer

    Could we ditch ‘dissident’ and try something else please. ‘Fractional’ maybe? Lending these murderous deadbeats a term more usually used for persecuted but principled and usually non-violent political minorities is fraudulent. Or is it just the media flattering them for the prospect of more bloody headliners?

  • mark


    Excellent point. I’m with you. How about ‘micro’ organisations?

  • Pete Baker

    *sigh* how’s that Mark? ;o)

    Are you saying Tommie Gorman’s report should be disregarded?

    btw, it’s self proclaimed scepticism – hence the question mark in the post’s title.

  • davy

    SF under threat from dissidents ? Aye right.

  • Rubicon

    “Down south” SF have maxed their support unless they move to join the rest of the human race. “Up north” republicans think opposition to policing is a well understood political principle – even if it only stands for, “just hang on – we may get the lads back from …”.

    “Down south” – opposition to policing is understood very well. It stands for “the murder of Garda McCabe was not an action of the IRA” – but – “we want the boys out!”.

    Having your cake and eating it hasn’t much mileage for the “all Ireland party”. The S(h)inners may protest loudly – but few in the Republic of Ireland will understand why the PSNI is not acceptable to any party not involved in organised crime.

    SF have never apologised for the methods they used. Fair enough for some but for most – using the PSNI as a political football will ghettoise SF both sides of the border.

    Can a SF’r explain what the SF objective is in demanding a date for devolution of criminal justice? Nothing in the SAA changes the accountability of the PSNI. SF won’t get the ministry anyway – is SF seriously suggesting that justice would be better in DUP hands than the “Brits”?

    That would be a 180 degree turn around on SF’s rendition of Irish history – but not much new in that!

    Either SF have the balls to play in the game of politics – or they’ll be the hurlers in the ditch.

    The Southerner isn’t much interested in the North – but he/she is pretty canny at recognising hypocrisy and bull-shit.

    “Up North”? Who knows!

    Each side seems to be moving towards the question – “if this is the solution – why the “war”?”

    Good question!

    Both the DUP and SF – AND their supporters need to provide an answer. Sticking to your guns may win a battle – but not a war. Strategic thinking is required.

    But can SF and the DUP get over the hurdle of their self-created monsters?

    Some in the DUP think direct rule will get them out of their corner, some in SF think they can kill police, deny it, demand their release and still be credible.

    If Gerry thinks a “look at me the poor beleaguered victim” will get SF out of this corner then lets see the outcome – the sooner the better.

    Meanwhile – I imagine these “dissident plots” are done under great a cloud of fear of Gerry finding out where they are!

    Then again … dissidents are useful when they achieve nothing. For sure – that’s why Gerry is barricading his house.

    Hmmm ….

  • Yokel

    Aquifier I think there was a bit of debate on that on a thread a week or two back, maybe you started it yourself.

    Hard liners, fundamentalists, backwoodsmen, physcal force. Call them what you will but we know who you mean.

    Considering them deadbeats though is risking dismissal of them which is never, ever a good idea.

  • seabhac siúlach

    “Excellent point. I’m with you. How about ‘micro’ organisations?”

    Problem is, groups like Republican Sinn Fein are up to 5.9% of the vote (among nationalists), according to the recent Hearts & Minds poll…so it is a bit hard to continue to refer to the ‘dissidents’ as ‘micro’ organisations…

    Better titles might be unreconstructed, traditional (controversial, perhaps), extremists, etc.

  • pugachev

    how about “Funda-mentalist” republicans ?

  • old school

    Go to the police and let them deal with it.

    It’s a con!!!