Overheard in Louth: Asbos and Asbians…

Not really back from the weekend yet, but this really cracked me up when I read it this afternoon… That’s the town of Louth in Lincolnshire… not that far from Skegness…


  • Donnacha

    Oh please Mick, can you find out whether Terry came back for them? I’m hooked….

  • circles

    I’m sorry – but I live very far away and all – whats an Asbo?

  • Pete Baker

    “Munting without a licence.”


  • Mick Fealty
  • Jojo

    I’ve seen these alleged ‘truelife’ vignettes in the Guardian and found them mostly tiresomely contrived: life among the normals as imagined by a mediocre Canadian playwright. This is another one which is condescending and clunky. It comes across more like a bad scene in dire Eastenders than anything to do with reality.

  • circles

    or a rejected Vicky Pollard skit…

  • Dualta

    Aye, bloody working class women, all frumpy, fat slags with bad grammar and a criminal bent.

  • Animus

    They are mini-plays about Britain – I suspect it’s completely made up. Much of the style supplement stuff if stupid and/or fluffy. Still like the bit about Asbians though.

    Terry did not come back for them, I think it is safe to assume.

  • circles

    They are mini-plays about Britain – so kind of like a little Britain or so……
    Now theres an idea!

  • Lincoln Green

    Oh, no, girls and boys. This is truly a tale of Louth as we know it – believe me, I used to live there.