St Andrew’s and Public Attitudes

The Hearts and Minds poll results are in, with 61.8% support, 19.5% opposition and 18.8% don’t knows for the St Andrews Agreement but strong scepticism the timetable will be met. In the Unionist community, of those who have made up their mind, it is almost 2 to 1 in favour (48.5% to 26.1%). However there is a big caveat that a quarter of Unionists are still to make up their mind. Also explicit support is weakest among DUP voters with opponents and undecideds outnumbering those in favour. So the DUP have the biggest selling job to do. Despite the sizeable scepticism or uncertainty among Unionists about St Andrews their confidence is at an 8 year high with 82.6% expecting Northern Ireland to be still part of the UK in 2020. In the nationalist community support for the new deal is somewhat but not massively stronger. Full results here and the BBC’s analysis here.Specific questions of DUP and SF voters would indicate about 20% implacably opposed to St Andrews. Support for the respective parties does not seem to have been affected however, Sinn Fein seems to have slipped a little and for the first time Republic Sinn Fein seems to have attracted a few percentage points in a region wide poll.