Police fire warning shots and arrest two men

Unlike previous recent episodes of confrontation between the police and paramilitary gangs. An attempt to intimidate someone out of their home in Antrim last night, which is reported to be connected to a row involving loyalist paramilitaries, resulted in a number of shots being fired by police at the scene, only warning shots apparently, and there were two arrests.. although 4 masked individuals were reported. Not that the number of individuals involved has any significance to the police action.. after all, that could send out entirely the wrong message…Oh, and a quick reminder of what the latest IMC report had to say on the LVF [pages 11-12] since, as the BBC report states, “It is believed the gang went to the house to evict a resident as part of a row linked to the LVF.”

2.14 We are aware of statements to the effect that the LVF has ceased to function as a paramilitary organisation. In our view there is still a network of criminals who call themselves the LVF; members pay dues; there has been no decommissioning of the weapons which undoubtedly exist; and the instructions which have been issued to people to refrain from using the LVF name when dealing in drugs suggest the presence of at least some form of authority. While this is the case we believe that the LVF can be said to exist, particularly in mid-Ulster, and to be a paramilitary organisation. That said, we believe the LVF is primarily a criminal concern and we do not think that it has any coherent political purpose. We believe that some senior figures have dissociated themselves from criminal activity but we also think that some of those involved in serious crime are people from within what can be considered the leadership. We are also aware of the involvement of some associated with the organisation in community development and the removal of paramilitary murals (under the title Ulster Community Network), which is to be welcomed.