Cross-border business is alive, profitable and expanding

An interesting article on the BBC website by Northern Ireland economist John Simpson on the increasing cross-border investment by business, mainly one way but not entirely, and his conclusion is worth noting too

Cross-border business is alive, profitable and expanding but don’t tell the politicians; they’ll only take all the credit!

  • George

    I know you are talking about investment but wonder what you make of the Intertrade Ireland figures, which seem to show that cross-border trade was lower in 2005 than it was in 2000?

  • Pete Baker

    Well it’s John Simpson doing the talking, George.. but a quick glance at that chart would appear to show waves of optimism crashing against the shore of reality in 2001.. with another swell building since.

    Interesting that the more pronounced drop is in South-North trade, but both are higher than 1995.

  • kensei

    The dot com bubble burst in 2001, which would be my guess at the drop

  • IJP

    Any drop is probably due to the fact sensible businesspeople in the Republic would realize there are plenty of other regions in Europe worth trading with!

    We in the North may obsess about the South, doesn’t mean those in the South care to even glance twice at us – and sometimes I don’t blame them.

  • smcgiff

    In the Examiner today it mentioned the setting up in Dublin of a NI Marketing firm.

  • guillaume

    I don’t think that results have anything to do with what is now proposed ie.The instituliation of north-south which puts everything on a different level as smcgiff has led us to construe.

  • mnob

    Gosh – the economies of the ROI and NI are expanding – and cross border trade is expanding too.
    How strange – never would have thought of it.

    Good job we have economists to keep us right.