OTRs: they haven’t gone away you know

Last January Peter Hain dropped proposals to bring in legislation to allow on the run prisoners to come back to Northern Ireland to live legally. In its original form it faced a stormy passage in the Commons, and at the time one poll indicated considerable cross community resistence to it. It seems the Secretary of State may be preparing another approach.

  • Pete Baker

    There are, of course, Hain’s previous comments to keep in mind..

    “Mr Speaker, to exclude any members of the security forces who might have been involved in such offences from the provisions of the Bill would not only have been illogical, it would have been indefensible and we would not do it. Closure on the past cannot be one-sided.

    “That was, and is, non-negotiable.”

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Due to sinn fein’s negotiating weakness as of late…if ian paisly wants the on the runs off the table…then the issue is off the table.

    Just because the Bush administration via the attorney general is bringing up the issue of on the runs with the british gov’t via Hain does NOT mean that it is being discussed in a pro-on the runs agenda. The bush administration has been very heavy handed to the Irish republican agenda. They could be plotting to get the on the runs to come forward…as a first step in the amnesty “process” and then….deport them.

  • ciaran damery

    The issue of OTRs is not off the table. In fact the right of Irish Republican Volunteers to return to Ireland is merely a side show. It will happen. I know, I am one. I have been informed by reliable sources that the issue is a red herring. We are either coming home or are already at home. ‘Home’ means Ireland and the fascist Orange filth who dare to place obstacles in our way are fighting a losing battle. We won the war, beat the Brits hands down, hammered the shit out of Unionist terrorists at our convenience and will continue to pursue a militaristic approach to the problem of occupation until it is resolved, i.e. until we have our country back. Rants by fundamentalist born-again, Orange losers are becoming increasingly irrelevant. We do not expect them to support anything that pertains to the inevitable reunificaton of Ireland. Nor are the savage Orange settlers expected to abide by the Irish Peace Process or the GFA. We are now at a stage where the Brits are telling orangies to either comply with their English Masters or to be prepared for the Great Sell Out. One way or the other, we will have our country back and those of us who engaged the Brits militarily and who currently live outside the occupied territory have been assured that our return is imminent. But ya know what the funny thing is? Most of us are already living in Ireland and know that SS/RUC daren’t attempt to capture or charge us for actions carried out on behalf of various Republican military groups during the most recent phase of armed struggle.

    We are not invincible, but we are part of a damned good revolutionary movement which protects our interests and advocates on our behalf. We cannot lose. Au contraire, we can inflict huge losses on the occupying army and their Unionist cheerleaders, at our convenience.

    In summary, further procrastination by Brits will cost them. Meanwhile, Unionist fascists have already shot themselves in their communal hoof. They need to behave or else suffer the consequences of their absurd supremacist perspective. In thwe interim, the sooner the Free State election takes place the better. It is imperative that pee dee Orangies are removed from the political equation….pronto!

  • Fulton


    Your last post brightened an otherwise dull day for me.

    who decommissioned their Arms? all sides in this conflict or just one? who is in the paid employment of the British state? surely not Sinn Fein/IRA, who is implementing British rule in the six counties and who will shortly swear an oath of allegiance to the RUC/PSNI ? never Sinn Fein and IRA members.LOL

    Any clues Ciaran? maybe the victorious Irish Republican Army?.LOL

    I accept one or two OTRs like Mooch Blair do come North free of harrassment but then again IRA informants have always had free access to come and go? even those who manufacture bombs blow up Omagh and the M50 .LOL

    I am writting this blog this evening from my cell in Antrim police station, I am being questioned for alleged offences committed whilst I was an IRA member and a paid British soldier/spy.Are you a fellow Tout? surely not.

    Me and you Ciaran, have a lot in common, both Green booked, both on the losing side of this conflict ( at least I had a foot in both camps) and both of us getting on in years. Maybe you could get the PDA to send me the odd letter to brighten next few hours or maybeget Seanie Maguire to get one of the Prisoners wifes to come in and to do a turn for me.

    Good luck mucka.

    Kevin .

  • Mr Fulton, what is your opinion of Brigadier Gordon Kerr, currently casuing mayhem with the P2OD and the death squads in Iraq?

    Would you regard Brig Gordon Kerr as a fellow OTR?

    Will any agreement on the OTR’s include Gordon Kerr and other military figures?

    Do you think the recent appointment of David Reddaway is a case of “The Foxes guarding the henhouse” and have you asked why your treatment has been less than honourable?

    A paradox, you are sitting in a cell while Gordon Kerr still plays “Change the leader” in Iraq and David Reddaway lives the high life in his new Dublin mansion, what did you do that made the Brits “Hang you out to dry” ??

  • ciaran damery

    Please allow me to preface this post by acknowledging the Moderator’s oft stated rule to “play the ball and not the man”. But you are more ball than man so I’ll argue that it don’t apply to you. Fulton – given the apparent ease that other ‘alleged’ touts have when applying for bail, and ultimately beating the rap, you should be all set. Many of yer moral equivalents, mar shampla Sean O’Callaghan, Jackson, Donaldson, Shoukris, Doris Day and Collins etc were treated with kid gloves by the orange judiciary, So don’t waste the reader’s time with the self pitying shit.

    You dug your own grave, metaphorically speaking (at least), live with the consequences of turning against your own people. Come to terms with yer treacherous Judas-like status, cuz yer stuck with it. You are beneath contempt and as relevant as Grave Yard Unionist Butcher, Michael Stone. Your status is sub-human, ergo, your arguments are insignificant and unworthy of debate,

  • Thanks spammer k2cfy017j3 for allowing me to update the current mess:


    No only don’t we know how many there are on the real list but also we are not informed of any names, especially if any of Captain Robert Nairac’s alleged killers on are it.

    This is really the rule of law in action!

  • Now the article has taken off too, apparently joining the OTRs.

    It can stil be found on today’s Nuzhound.

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