Gerry Anderson and the ‘puppets’…

The great thing about MySpace is some of the dynamic content. The bad thing is that it seems you have to be a member top view it. For those of with MySpace, and who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the clips from Gerry Anderson’s latest foray into Television.

  • Yer Woman


    Do the powers that be at BBC NI believe that only the over 65’s of the praaaavince have an interest in comedy programmes?

    Licence payers money wasted on the likes of The Hole in the Wall Gang, The Folks on the Hill, Nuala McKeever, Town Challenge and Young Farmers (I watched an episode of it last night – surely it’s a docu-comedy?), and yet they see fit to cancel the mighty Pulling Moves after one season?

  • Yokel

    Yer woman, the way BBC NI & various production companies come up with programmes is simple.

    They don’t bother thinking at all, all they do is pic up another idea off something else and localize it.

    This is one aspect of the local arty types in TV that gets on my fucking goat, they haven’t got a fucking original idea in their heads, by and large. i already get most of the shite they pump out as original programming elsewhere. I don’t, want to see it with a local sing-song style accents thanks.

    Secondly stop giving Anderson more exposure until he sorts his hair out…

  • moochin photoman

    I’m no fan of Anderson or what passes for comedy on BBC NI but i have to say that the one episode of this that i saw i did enjoy.
    Ok its not a new idea, Nick Park (of Wallace and Gromit fame) was doing this at least 10 years ago prob nearer 15 with Creature Comforts.
    Perhaps that is indicative of just how far we have to go here??

    Spare a thought for the poor researcher who had to sit through all the back editions of Anderson to get these sound snippets that drives the animation.

  • foreign correspondent

    Anderson´s a great broadcaster, leave him alone. When him and Coyle are on form they are hilarious. I think his Show is about the only thing I like from Northern Ireland…

  • Dualta

    Jaysis the fillystines got the first three posts! FC has in it one, the two of them are hilarious. They make unemployment positively desirable.

    A mug of coffee at me ma’s kitchen table and the Gerry Anderson Show on the wireless. Heaven…

  • Yer Woman

    Dualta – you mean the under 30’s got the first three posts! 😛

  • foreign correspondent

    Honestly, the show is great craic. Although now living quite a long way away from the North I still listen on the Internet whenever I can. There is no other Radio Ulster/Foyle show I can stand. That Nolan fella should be exiled to Antartica for example.
    Gerry Anderson´s show even makes me think, with the self-deluding nostalgia gene of the emigrant that Northern Ireland is not such a bad place after all, but then all I have to do is listen to the first few minutes of Talkback to shatter that illusion…

  • Rory

    Cater for the under-30’s? Haven’t they already got MTV and C-Beebies, what more do they want?

  • Shuggie McSporran

    BBC NI should do more to cater for 42 year-olds

    They should commission a new hard-hitting gritty cop show series set on the drug-infested mean streets of somewhere like Ballymena or Craigavon and starring Hugo Duncan.

  • julZ

    Absolutely, totally, without a single doubt HILARIOUS! Who cares if the idea has been had before! Gerry and Sean make it their own! Bring on the second series because I’m dying for my next fix!! Loving it and the boys!