Outage continues…

I’m slightly disadvantaged in my attempts to get Slugger back up and working in that I’m in London today, primarily to give a talk about blogging and Web 2.0 to an international NGO. I have had a few generous offers of help, and am confident we can get back fairly quickly. Thanks to both Joe (a very regular donor to Slugger) and John for their kind help. It is much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Outage continues…”

  1. I can’t be bothered signing in and having to remember another bloody password, I’m a regular contributor to Slugger and to prove it – when you do finally get the site back up & running, can you once & for all sort out the problem with the security word at the bottom of the screen, anytime I try to post a comment it tells me I haven’t entered the word exactly as it appears in the box, even though I bloody well have, and it takes about 4 attempts before it will accept what I have typed.

  2. thanks kathrine.

    annon, I’m interested in that problem. when we get back, I’ll open a thread on it. It’s not one I’ve had myself for a while. But we should try to get to the bottom of it.

  3. “Outage continues..”
    and the beat goes on…..


    PG&E just gave me back thirty-five bucks for the poor service during the 110F weather last summer that cause the blackouts.

    Just wondering …..

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