2008 earliest date for Bloody Sunday Inquiry findings

According to the BBC

The findings of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry [which opened in April 1998] will not be published until the end of 2008 2007 at the earliest

By which time Tony Blair will, almost definitely, no longer be Prime Minister.. Updated


  • Concerned Loyalist

    The biggest waste of money in recorded history…I admit the decision-making of the Paras left a lot to be desired but the blame for that has to be put at the door of their O.C. and not the soldiers on the ground. They were under fire from the so-called “Derry Brigade” (Londonderry to those like myself who are insulted by half the name being omitted due to political bigotry/xenophobia) of the Provisional IRA in the middle of the heartland of Co.Londonderry republicanism, the notorious Bogside – how would you react? Wave your white handkerchief and surrender or perhaps try and reason with these disillusioned fellas over the sound of machine gun and sniper rifle fire? No, you’d return fire within the rules of engagement set out in the Geneva Convention.