“Everybody knows the timetable”

While the BBC report focuses on, the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain’s comment that he is not worried about the current NI political situation, the Press Association has more detailed quotes which suggest that he may be, at least, a little concerned – “Everybody knows the timetable, everybody knows the clock is ticking and counting down.”.. Well I did mention that ticking sound previously..From the PA report

Mr Hain said: “I am not worried, the parties know they have to tell us by the 10th of November that they are ready to sign up to the St Andrews Agreement.”

He added: “Everybody knows the timetable, everybody knows the clock is ticking and counting down.

“Everybody knows that if, somehow, this goes off track and a glitch becomes a crisis, then we will dissolve the Assembly after November 24th.

“I still remain cautiously optimistic that the remaining obstacles can be overcome and can be solved.”

A quick reminder of what signing up to the St Andrews Agreement means?

As I have mentioned several times before.. 10th November.. tick tock

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  • joeCanuck


    You’re a bit roguish.
    You must be smirking at the furor you caused towards the end of your previous post.

  • Pete Baker

    Not at all, joe. Although there were a few commenters whose preconceived assumptions, on a couple of issues, were revealed.

    But let’s keep that to the earlier thread.. this one already has a topic.

  • joeCanuck

    O.K. Pete

    But I eventually gave up on the other thread.

  • Yokel

    There’s a timetable? Since when? Who said?

  • Pete Baker


    That would be Annex D [pdf file]