‘War’ over ownership of Irish colours

Martin McGuinness riled El Blogador’s heckles when he claimed on this week’s Politics Show that Sinn Fein represented the Green in the Irish Tricolour. It’s true that the party has made a number of proposals to put the Irish flag back into the centre of public life in the Republic, but argues El Mat, it belongs to all Irish Nationalists. Now here’s some thoughts that might follow:

– Does standing purely for the green in the flag signify an abandonment of the unification project?

– If people are queuing up to contest ownership of the Green: who, if anyone, is willing to claim the Orange in the flag?

– If the number of people from the Orange tradition who are prepared to stand to it were counted, would the inevitable paucity of their number count as a failure of the concept, or simply an example of poor work in progress?