Underachieving opposition…

Heartening to see that Noel Whelan has taken over Martin Mansergh’s slot on Saturday’s Irish Times Op Ed page. His, by far, was the sharpest commentary on the Irish Times poll findings in the wake of the ‘Bertiegate’ crisis. Saturday week ago, he noted the problem facing the opposition (subs needed):

The depressing reality for rainbow strategists is that, notwithstanding the Government’s recent difficulties, the Opposition has made no further ground.

Yesterday’s figures give some statistical support for the contention that the public saw the Opposition’s performance on the recent crisis as inadequate. There was a sense that the Opposition couldn’t score goals against a weakened Government, even when shooting from the penalty spot.

Both Kenny and Rabbitte must be worried that, when faced (notionally at least) with the prospect of not having Mr Ahern as their Taoiseach, most of the electorate appear to have balked at the idea.

  • páid

    Yep, Whelan’s sharp on this stuff. Mansergh, who to be fair to him, stopped writing as a detached viewpoint would be next to impossible in an election countdown, was brilliant though in my book.

    It must be hard being the only intellectual in FF.