The blogging UN Envoy

The UUP might have felt hard done by after the criticism of their St Andrews blog, even if it didn’t reveal any trade secrets, but others have utilised the medium in a much more profound way.. in this case UN Envoy in Sudan, Jan Pronk. As Austin Bay, quoted by the Instadude, put it – “He blogged the truth and the Sudan government now says ‘goodbye.'” And, according to the BBC report, it’s not just the Sudan government who didn’t appreciate his blogging efforts.. More very interesting coverage collated by the Big G’s NewsblogAs the extract from the Washington Post states

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali al-Sadig said Pronk had until mid-day Wednesday to leave.

“The reason is the latest statements issued by Mr. Pronk on his Web site regarding severe criticism of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the fact that he said the government of Sudan is not implementing the Darfur peace agreement,” al-Sadig added.

He said the Foreign Ministry met with Pronk on Sunday and had informed him of its decision.

Pronk has previously had problems with the government because of comments he published on his Web log The latest blog entry said Darfur rebels had beaten the army in two major battles in the last two months.

While the BBC adds this

But the BBC’s Jonah Fisher in Khartoum says there is no guarantee that he will get a sympathetic reception.

Mr Pronk’s personal website is well known among UN officials and they have repeatedly asked him to stop writing it, our correspondent says.[added emphasis]

“Morale in the government army in north Darfur has gone down,” he wrote. “Some generals have been sacked; soldiers have refused to fight.”

He said the Sudanese army had lost two major battles recently to rebel groups in the western region and that Arab militias – who have been accused of atrocities – were being mobilised in violation of UN resolutions.

The army led calls for Mr Pronk’s expulsion, calling his remarks psychological warfare.

The psychological warfare is being waged here