Irish Islam and the unspoken problem of integration…

The situation in the UK viz a viz the radicalisation of Islamic youth is clearly much further on than it is in Ireland, north or south. The discussion of the veil controversy (video file) on a recent edition of the Late Late Show accordingly had an air of unreality about it. Mary FitzGerald, has been out and about amongst Irish muslims, asking them for their estimation on both sides of the border.Several of her sources, requested their names not be released, but had some interesting observations to make:

“With certain imams in Ireland, it’s more a problem with what they don’t do rather than what they do,” said another Muslim man living in Dublin.

“When an attack or bombing involving Muslims happens, there are some imams who fail to condemn it at prayers. I accept that they are not encouraging or praising this kind of thing like some clerics in Britain do, but they should be the first to condemn and set an example.”

Another man extended the same argument to the issue of integration.

“There are some mosques that never talk about integration and I think that is wrong. They are not talking against it but they are not talking about it either. It’s an important subject that affects every Muslim living in Ireland and I think it should be discussed more.”