“I do not believe that anything political lies behind this decision”

An interesting snippet from Friday’s Irish News[subs not req], Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, MP, MLA and Barry McElduff, MLA were forced to cancel a planned trip to the US last week after they were refused visas.. or, as Conor Murphy has it, “the applications were declined because they were unable to be processed in time” [of course they weren’t – Ed] Updated Link. Thanks, John.As the Irish News reported[subs req]

“I accept this explanation and I do not believe that anything political lies behind this decision,” [Conor Murphy] said.


A US spokesman said, “Due to privacy laws the consulate does not comment on individual visa applications.”

The Irish News also reports that

It is understood party leader Gerry Adams has applied for a visa to travel to the US for the event [a gala dinner next month in New York] on November 9.

but that..

However, Mr Adams is not believed to have received a response to his request yet.

[Perhaps Ruairi O Bradaigh’s visa application[more subs req] was unable to be processed in time as well? – Ed]


  • Irish in America

    I guess SF’s Sean Oliver planned ahead for his visit on Nov 14.

  • Yokel

    Hold on here, I understand that they have bans on findraising etc but why do they ahve to apply for a visa upfront for just going to and speaking at meetings and all that?

    Is it not just a business trip which wouldn’t require a visa?

  • Peter,

    This was on the Newshound over the weekend. Here’s the relevant link.

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks John