The Continuity PSNI, or is it the Real PSNI?

While we await the vote on the emergence of the Provo PSNI, it appears that the C-PSNI and R-PSNI are making a last ditch effort to show they are the true inheritors of the policing mantle. Is the thinking behind the strategy to show up the Provos, and display their superior alternative? Or is it merely an attempt to justify their existence, a last gasp before the Provos become the legitimate arm of the state and goes after them when they join the cops? Or is it a purge of the streets while they can, an anticipation that the PSNI will start policing more aggressively once the Provos are 100% on board and the courtship is over? Today’s Irish News has more coverage about recent threats and shootings, but if you don’t have an online subscription you can read yesterday’s article via Nuzhound.