The Continuity PSNI, or is it the Real PSNI?

While we await the vote on the emergence of the Provo PSNI, it appears that the C-PSNI and R-PSNI are making a last ditch effort to show they are the true inheritors of the policing mantle. Is the thinking behind the strategy to show up the Provos, and display their superior alternative? Or is it merely an attempt to justify their existence, a last gasp before the Provos become the legitimate arm of the state and goes after them when they join the cops? Or is it a purge of the streets while they can, an anticipation that the PSNI will start policing more aggressively once the Provos are 100% on board and the courtship is over? Today’s Irish News has more coverage about recent threats and shootings, but if you don’t have an online subscription you can read yesterday’s article via Nuzhound.

  • Yokel

    In a world where change sometimes comes at a breakneck pace its good to see that some things stay the same.

  • Rory

    These appalling incidents further demonstrate the inevitable degeneracy of these arrogant self=important splinter groups from romantic delusion to pitiless brutality.

    Having failed utterly to win the argument on the way forward within the republican movement they insist that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong and the less relevant and more marginalised they become as their politics are revealed as no more than an empty howling at the moon, then the more vicious and self=righteous they must become.

    It certainly will be a test, and should be a priority, of a police force committed to stability and enjoying nationalist support to ensure that the fearful anti=social mayhem of these splinter groups is ended.

    This applies equally to loyalist and nationalist thuggery and of course former paramilitaries now committed to a normalisation of society must play their part in that process at least by encouraging co-operation with the police from within their respective communities to apprehend these self deluded thugs.

  • Pete Baker


    The article reproduced by Newshound details just how that co-operation is being encouraged..

    Jim McCarthy, who works with a community restorative justice group, said the group had been trying to mediate between the dissident republicans thought to be issuing the threats and a number of families.

    Mediating between members of an organisation threatening to kill and those they are threatening..

    *shakes head*

    Someone hasn’t been reading the new guidelines..

  • parcifal

    That is unfortunately the reality on the ground, shaking heads won’t solve this.
    the horns of the dilema needs grasping with both hands, then the beast is subdued!
    Takes courage.

  • Yokel


    Bear in mind that the Provos were once a splinter movement.

    These people are not without their support and its likely that they will gain a little more as the political process moves forward. It often works that way, at least for a period.

    Difficult as it may be, it is only correct that this possibility is assumed as inevitable and I assume the government & local politicial rabble, if it has anything akin to half a head has already considered this, and planned for it.

  • Yokel

    Tell me if I’m wrong here but a convicted sex offender who absconded in the North is now to be found and ‘registered’ in the South.

    This kind of thing desrves a thread alone, some loon bag is running around….