Proof reader required…

The Northern Ireland Flickr group continues to attract not only serious photographic talent, but people with a clear eye for detail. In this case Moochin Photoman has hit upon some embarrassing grammatical mistakes [you can talk? – ed] in what looks to be funded murals by East Belfast Historical and Cultural Society. Although I have to say, I don’t agree with all of the suggested amendments, it’s surely what Flickr notes were invented for!!

  • smcgiff

    Feck the grammar…

    ‘The society has no interest in this area [Short Strand] and confines itself to the Unionist/Loyalist population of east Belfast no matter what religion they are.’

  • Not being able to spell and remaining pig ignorant is an integral part of the culture of working class Unionism. Let them wear their ignorance with pride. Why should there be only one way to spell a word? Let’s be more inclusive.

  • The UDR “Infrantry man” loks like an off duty UFF head. Not that anyone would link the UDR with death squads but…

  • stop doing that

    Who does that stupid [ed] thing? If you have something to say, do it in the god damn post.

  • Mick Fealty


    If there is slightest truth in what you say, they are clearly not the only ones to wear their ignorance with pride (which comes before a fall, I hear)! 😉

  • I meant to say “wear there ignorance”. Murals should have the beat of the street and thye do make easy targets. It is like guys being down on Dictionary Dave. He has as much education as McGuinness. And he did not attack the 11 plus, which the DUP were right to reinstate.

  • Miss Fitz

    Mistakes in murals are understandable, this is slightly different being a commissioned plaque that has obviously required some time, effort and involvement in the production of it. I think Moochin Photoman got a photo of this same form of words on mural a couple of weeks ago as well, so its even more stunning that it went unchecked into a more permanent format

  • Bill

    When he emerged from the scantury of the dressing room, he declared: “I have no excuses whatsoever. I’ve spoken with the players and their analysis concurs with mine

  • BoxtyChamp

    The best example of creative spelling to come out of East Belfast is in the DoktorMoog archive – page 20, second from the right.

  • Bog warrior


    That went way over my head.

    Also noticed on EBHCS site their link to “Murder in Ballymacarrett”. The dates mentioned corresponds with the Battle of St Matthew’s Church in Short Strand. Is this what they’re talking about?

  • Rory

    Perhaps the excessive use of full stops by this group explains why Paisley is no longer able to put a full stop to the implementation of the GFA – they had simply all been used up by the EBHCS.

  • Pedant

    Reminds me of the eloquence of a certain political rising star

  • Pedant The Provos in Crossmaglen would have surrendered decades ago if the Britsh unleashed Kenny’s English on them. One paragraph and I was reaching for my methadone.

  • Benn

    Just so long as we don’t go for phonetics, or Welsh for that matter. There seems to be latitude for grammatical laxity in graffiti (Brits out for example), but a mural should be fekking proper – as an example for the wains if nothing else. Different standards for different levels of communication. I do like the conspiracy suggestion about the navel orange in that next flickr image, spelling is subversive! Benn

  • willis

    Bog warrior

    Correct on the dates. Pages 50-52 of “Lost lives” cover the incident.

    Presumably the EBHCS feel that the schools in the area are doing a poor job of teaching history, so they have decided to make some up.

    I assume they are a loyalist front, probably UVF, they seem connected with the Union Jack shop.

    There is a proper historical society in East Belfast.

  • Fanny

    My favourite is a slogan that is/was part of a mural in East Belfast: “Their Only Grime was Loyality.”

    OK, I may have mistaken the C for a G. It was raining that day 🙂

    But here’s a thing: What kind of H&C society chooses a sunken ship as its emblem? Weird.

  • Louie

    Just on the painting/vandalising walls theme. I’m curious to know what E.B.B.S. stands for. It was written on a wall pictured in one of the Slugger ‘postcards of NI’ slots, under some racist graffiti. Some new anti-everybody paramilitary movement we don’t know about?

  • Fanny

    Not sure, Louie. It’s either:

    East Belfast Boys Suck


    Education Brings Better Standards.